Snow: For Teeth So White They Dazzle

SNOW®’s New Wireless Teeth Whitening System (Limited Series) takes whitening to next-level innovation and efficacy with its simple, three-prong approach. The kit includes a Wireless LED Accelerating Mouthpiece, which is comfortable and soft in your mouth (and utilizes blue, red, and white light), Whitening Wands, and Extra Strength Whitening Serum. Spend 9 minutes a day whitening as you work, read, or browse to do the trick, and you will absolutely see results, even after one use. Featured on The Ellen Show, this is a brilliant (no pun intended) whitening system that is well worth the investment, since your smile is an integral part of who you are and how you present yourself. Shop the original kit or the wireless kit HERE. Every order helps provide dental care to a child in need — and there are no harmful chemicals in this product. Also, it was never tested on animals, is vegan, and is safe to use on all types of teeth.