SNOW: The Refreshing Water Flosser Experience

The Water Flosser from SNOW is a one-piece, hand-held, cordless, travel -friendly, incredibly easy to use water flosser that whisks away food and bacteria upon use with water sprays. This is a fantastic way to way to maintain your oral health at home after meals and snacks. It’s ideal for traveling too because its so lightweight and collapses to fit easily into your gym bag, purse, or luggage.

To use, simply attach the nozzle to the top of the unit, shift the collapsible water tank up, then fill it with lukewarm, cold, or hot water as desired. A mode button enables you to choose your preferred water pressure from three settings: pulse, normal, or soft. This water flosser is re-chargable and comes with a travel bag and flavored concentrates for freshening breath.

Find it here and impress your dentist.