Sourse Glow Bites Chocolate for a Delicious Collagen Boost

If you love dark chocolate and want a delectable clean collagen supplement, then reach for Sourse’s Glow Bites, which combines both. Sourse is reshaping the supplement experience through this delicious, plant-based, high protein chocolate snack that you’ll savor with delight.

Sourse’s Glow Bites are clinically proven to improve skin texture, moisture, and elasticity in just two weeks through a vegan alternative collagen derived from wheat, imparting a lovely summer glow all throughout the year.

Sourse was founded by Jenne Moore and Andrew Remlinger in 2019 with a mission to make supplements accessible and enjoyable for all. Each product has been formulated by a doctor, chef, and expert candy maker, using the highest quality, vegan, USA-sourced ingredients and creating the best candy-coated dark chocolate supplements. The debut product line includes Hype bites, powered by 250mcg Vitamin B12 to improve mood, energy, and brain function and Glow Bites, infused with plant-based collagen to improve skin moisture, texture, and elasticity in two weeks.

Sourse is available for $34.00 for a one month supply. For more information, visit and follow Sourse on Instagram. You can try the detoxifying superfood spirulina to improve your skin’s clarity, too. Enjoy!