Sporting the Seven Chakras

You can find Rose Quartz stashed away in my purse, a Tiger’s Eye in my car, and I even have an amethyst water bottle (read that review here!). Simply put, I really adore crystals. They cleanse my mind and keep my aura looking cute. So when I discovered GEYED workout wear I had to share it with you, dear reader.

Created and founded by Doreen Coutelin, a mom of two girls who was going through a rough time of unemployment and overall life suck – until she discovered the power of crystals, and thus GEYED was born. This dazzling workout brand has the cutest gear to run, hike, and do the downward dog in. I’ve worn my sports bra and biker shorts to the Eras tour, hiking in the Catskills, and bopping around New Orleans.

Each piece has slots for multiple crystals to call home. I’ve been reaching for root crystals like White Howlite to balance my moments of rage and cultivate a sense of calm. Green Aventurine is another favorite for good fortune and happiness, aiding me in chatting with people I’ve met while solo traveling. GEYED offers crystals for all seven chakras, so mix and match whatever calls to you! Their mantra “be self-centered” is the ultimate saying in a time where putting yourself first is seen as a negative quality. Their super cute pieces make self-care and love a priority every time you glance in the mirror. Pick up a set (or two) this summer and bask in the magic of the metaphysical.