Spotlight Oral Care – Ireland’s Clean + Eco-Friendly Dental Brand

Spotlight Oral Care recently launched in the U.S., and this clean dental line was founded by dentists Dr Lisa and Dr Creaven in 2016 in Ireland, two sisters who wanted to improve the industry by making it as environmentally friendly as possible without compromising quality and efficacy. The product line grew out of concern over the formulation of personal care products. The mouth is 3000 times more absorbent than our skin, which means the ingredients in toothpaste are being actively absorbed into our bloodstream, impacting our overall health. Spotlight Oral Care is the first also to use 100 % recyclable tubes made from sugar cane to stop the 1 billion toothpaste tubes that end up in US landfill each year. 

“People are more aware of harmful ingredients and have asked us where to buy clean oral care products to address their oral health issues with bleeding gums, tooth decay and sensitivity. Beauty starts from within, and as dentists, it’s important to educate our patients on effective oral care products for at home care to prevent long-term health issues. I’m excited for people to become more engaged with their oral care routines with our clinically proven and clean formulations,” said Dr. Lisa Creaven, Co-Founder and Director of Communications at Spotlight Oral Care.


The Spotlight Oral Care Essentials includes the Sonic ToothBrush, the world’s quietest and easiest to use toothbrush for a professional clean at home. Your gum health will be improved and stains will go away with regular use. The Sonic Toothbrush comes with a 3 speed settings and an ergonomically designed head that easily reaches hard to get areas in your mouth to leave your teeth and gums super clean. It comes with a Travel Case and 9 months supply of Brush Heads.

Find your particular tooth concern in the Toothpaste Collection including Sensitivity, Decay, Translucent Enamel, Inflamed Gums, Stained Teeth. You will enjoy the quality of these toothpastes that adhere to the teeth to really work on them and leave them feeling clean, healed and fresh.
Other amazing products include the Spotlight Oral CareTooth Whitening Pen, Spotlight Oral Care Bamboo Brushes, Spotlight Oral Care Teeth Whitening Strips including a comforting gum oil, super gentle Spotlight Oral Care Dental Floss and a Spotlight Oral Care Mouthwash for teeth whitening. 
“To give consumers a bespoke oral care experience, we developed a dental decoder quiz, designed to direct people towards the products to best suit their oral care needs.”says CEO, Co-Founder and Director of New Product Development at Spotlight Oral Care, Dr. Vanessa Creaven. All Spotlight Oral Care products are vegan-friendly, toxin-free, cruelty-free and palm oil free. 
Oral care has become top of mind for consumers during the pandemic, and as a result, the company has experienced 62% increase in month-on-month orders across existing markets: Ireland and Europe. 
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