Staying Active and Healthy in the Winter Months

Getting outside and staying active can be especially difficult in the winter months. We’ve rounded up a series of products that maximize comfort and self-care to stay on your feet all season long.

Kuumba Made
Another restorative product we love is Kuumba Made’s line of Care & Comfort salves and oils. Each of their products is botanically-infused with natural ingredients to soothe the body and mind. Their balms target a variety of physical ailments — Sprain & Strain for sore muscles, Joint Support for inflamed joints, Tender Tendon for stressed tendons, Breathe Deep for mindful breathing, and even a Scar Care option for scars and discoloration. They can be purchased individually or in a travel kit of miniatures. Their oils are similarly infused with targeted botanicals, including St. John’s Wort to relieve over-worked muscles, and Arnica for aches. For stress relief, their line of aromatherapeutic oil blends offer relief and relaxation. Their Breathe formula is a refreshing and invigorating blend for unwinding and sleep, and their Relieve blend is a potent stress-reliever for a mid-day reset. Through dedicated research and refined formulas, Kuumba Made’s lines of oils and salves harness the power of botanicals to comfort the body and mind.

Butter & Me
Self-care is a key when it comes to staying active, and it’s crucial to have a recovery routine to thank your body for all it does for you. A warm bath or a deep massage are the perfect restorative treats to keep your body refreshed and ready for movement. For the perfect at-home spa treatment, Butter & Me’s bath and body products are designed to soothe and revitalize tired skin and muscles. Their Strawberry Cacao Choco Scrub Bar uses avocado, sunflower, geranium, and eucalyptus oils for a creamy wash, and exfoliating beads to banish dead skin. The bar is also covered in diamond-shaped bumps that offer a massaging effect when applied with light pressure. Post-bath, follow up with their Lovely Butter Melt Hair & Body Lotion Bar, a dreamy solid moisturizer for face, body, and hair. The bar comes in a cloud shape that offers another massage when rubbed into skin or scalp. With a soothing blend of butters and essential oils, the bars hydrate and stimulate skin without leaving greasy residue. This scrub and lotion combo is the ideal post-workout spa experience, all from the comfort of your own home.

KURU Footwear
New Yorkers walk a lot, and it’s crucial to keep our feet healthy and happy as we’re making our way through the city. For ultimate care and support, I love KURU’s Kinetic 2.0 shoe, which is arguably the best walking shoe I’ve found yet. KURU’s unique shoes use their patented KURUSOLE tech, with dynamic, rounded bottoms shaped to gently cushion heels and relieve foot pain. The design is snug throughout while leaving ample toe room, as though the shoe is giving your foot a gentle hug. The comfort of the insoles are what make these shoes truly unparalleled. Their KURUCLOUD EVA foam has superior shock absorption, and the dual-density insole foam below it offers unparalleled arch support. They really do feel like a cloud — even after weeks of daily use, the insoles were still noticeably bouncy with each step. The shoe shape hugs the foot while leaving ample toe room, making them ultimately the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever worn. My feet were noticeably less sore after long days of walking, and I never had any issues with blisters or tears no matter my mileage. Switching to KURU shoes is the best move I’ve made this winter, and I couldn’t recommend them more — your feet will thank you!

Winter throws all types of weather our way, and many rainy or snowy days have us constantly worried about ruining our shoes. 8000Kicks is a game-changer — their waterproof shoes are made with the durable, all-natural power of hemp. Their sustainable harvesting and fabricating techniques, and their commitment to minimizing carbon emissions, These are the perfect long-lasting, earth-friendly answer to today’s typical blind consumerism, reminding us to make conscious decisions when building our wardrobe. And they do it all without sacrificing style or comfort — their Seeker shoes are the perfect everyday walking shoe. 8000Kicks sneakers use the strength of water-resistant hemp fibers to protect feet from the elements, with a recycled rubber bottom fit for any puddle. The hemp upper is flexible and dynamic, and cushiony soles offer gentle support without weighing down the shoe. Their sleek designs make these shoes perfect for daily wear, with colors from beige to green. Knowing that they offer the ultimate lightweight comfort with the durability I need for the winter months, I find myself reaching for them day after day, no matter my destination.

Nothing is worse than a blister, especially when walking is a part of your daily routine. For ultimate, immediate relief and lasting protection, we love Baublerella’s Blisters Bee Gone hydrating blister balm. This thick and creamy balm smoothes onto skin to relieve itchiness and burning without stinging the skin, even with freshly-formed blisters. Its fast-drawing beeswax formula builds up the skin’s barrier to protect from bolster formation, and coconut and almond oils hydrate to soothe irritated skin. The balm comes in a convenient stick, for easy application or use on-the-go. For commuters and dog-owners alike, this balm is a must-have to protect feet from blisters and pains all winter long.

Skincare Junkie
The skin is our largest organ, and it’s more important than ever to protect it during the colder months. For gentle hydration to calm the skin all winter long, Skincare Junkie is the perfect one-stop-shop for a restorative skincare routine. Start with their Gentle Jelly Facial Cleanser. The cleanser is infused with cucumber to combat redness and smooth puffiness, and niacin amide to brighten discoloration and improve skin texture. Nourishing ceramides soothe irritation and support a strong skin barrier, to protect and lock-in hydration. Follow up with their Pore Therapy Daily Toner Pads, easy single-use pads soaked in an original multi-acid formula to de-clog and minimize pores while fighting impurities and preventing breakouts. Salicylic acid cuts through oil and build-up, while PHA gently exfoliates and clarifies pores. These pads help to refine skin without harsh agents, leading to the ultimate gentle treatment. Once your skin is cleansed and your pores are tightened, finish up with their Megadose Super Antioxidant Face Moisturizer, a silky-smooth creamy gel that melts into the skin for lasting hydration. Developed by dermatologists with an innovative formula of clinically-proven bioavailable antioxidants, this nourishing moisturizer fights redness while soothing irritation and leaves skin feeling soft and supple. When combined, these three products offer the perfect regimen to protect skin from the dryness of winter air, especially when keeping active.