SunnyD + BEAM Super Greens = Wellness Happiness

Take a trip back to the ’90s and elevate your health at the same time. The iconic tangy-sweet drink SunnyD recently teamed up with functional supplement brand BEAM to create an all-in-one drink that not only is DELICIOUS, but a revolutionary product when it comes to your health. BEAM super greens x SunnyD provides an abundance of antioxidants, aids in increasing energy levels, reinforces the digestive system, and supports your immune system. This drink is so tasty you wouldn’t even know that is a powerhouse of essential vitamins. For those who don’t like drinking large quantities of water, this product will have you guzzling.

BEAM is well-known for producing incredible supplements that have been formulated for better balance, performance, recovery, and sleep, and the story behind the company is moving. At the age of 27, BEAM co-founder Michael Yewdell was rushed into treatment for stage II Hodgkin’s lymphoma with a 90% chance of survival. His treatment saved his life and since then, he has created his own brand that manufactures everything from farm to shaker. The BEAM cooperation is also very philanthropic and so far has raised 425,000 for cancer research.

BEAM has loads of other amazing products! With your email, receive 10% off your purchase. Keep your health in check HERE.


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