Supplements From a Supermodel: Q&A with KAPOWDER Co-Founder Valentina Ferrer

A multi-hyphenate Latina, Valentina Ferrer has adorned the covers of popular publications around the globe, dominated the catwalks, earned the title of Miss Argentina 2014, and co-launched her wellness company KAPOWDER. She is also a working mom. Her highly beneficial and natural vegan line features a wide range of supplements that support gut health, immunity, energy, and skin. I had the pleasure of speaking with Ferrer to hear how it all started.

Valentina, what was your inspiration to co-found KAPOWER?
KAPOWDER was born out of a passion for natural living and simplicity of life. We want to show people that health and wellness doesn’t have to be complicated and can be easily integrated into your daily life and enjoyable. I’m celiac and my co-founder is vegan so it was important for us to create products that would work for both of us and anyone else with food sensitivities or dietary restrictions.

Can you tell our readers about your products and how they stand out from other wellness supplements?
We manufacture in Australia operated by solar panels and natural energy, and pride ourselves on our simple and all-natural offerings. Embracing the belief that beauty starts from within, our brand combines ethics, affordability, and simplicity for a healthier lifestyle. KAPOWDER’s product line consists of eight core offerings, including powders and tonics. Each product serves a specific purpose in supporting overall quality of health, where you can nourish your body, rejuvenate your skin, enhance your exercise routine, improve sleep, and promote detoxification.

I see KAPOWDER is a vegan line. Are you a vegan and do you stick to a strict diet?
I wouldn’t say I follow a strict diet. I read labels and make sure nothing I consume has gluten since I am allergic to it. My approach to food is all about balance but also enjoying yourself.

As a successful model and busy working mom, do you have any health tips that you swear by? What does your daily meal plan typically consist of?
As a mom, all the above. I always try to make sure I’m fueled, plus I love food. My friends really get surprised by how much I eat. I love greens, steak, and a good fish. Just yummy protein!

Let’s talk about fitness. What is your usual workout routine and what KAPOWDER supplements help you stay strong and fit? Is there a specific exercise you especially like?
I prioritize some kind of movement every day, whether it’s walking or Pilates. I also love to play basketball. I take KAPOWDER Strength protein powder every morning before a workout either in pancakes or a smoothie. KAPOWDER Enlighten (electrolyte powder with ingestible hyaluronic acid) is one of my must-haves as it helps keeps my skin hydrated on the go as well as Saviour (vegan-friendly biotin formula) for digestion.

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Telina Cuppari Senior Staff Writer at Beauty News NYC
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