Sweet Nothings: Your Healthalicious Spoonable Smoothie

We know that smoothies are a great way of packing in the nutrients we need and a much healthier indulgence when it comes to drinks or snacks. However, we don’t always have the time or ingredients to make one. Say hello to Sweet Nothings. Not only tasty and exceptionally nutritious, but it’s the first spoonable smoothie on the market. Made with the superpower ingredients you have actually heard of, all the smoothies are under 120 calories, plant-based, and made from a combination of organic fruits, nuts, and seeds with no added sugar, animal products or chemical stabilizers. Choice from six delectable flavors: Strawberry, Peanut Butter, Chocolate, Rise Coffee, Blueberry Beet, and Tropical Greens.

What I love about these smoothies is that they are perfect to have anytime of day, especially when you need something healthy to eat for a quick energy boost. If I have my Sweet Nothings smoothie available, then I will be less tempted to eat some high caloric, fattening treat, and they’re just as delicious. These creamy smoothies are even great to take on-the-go because no prep is needed and they come with their own built-in spoon. Each smoothie has its own individual taste so you won’t get bored of the same thing. The company recommends letting the smoothie thaw five minutes before consuming. Sign up with your email for 10% off your first order and receive exclusive news on promos, custom wellness tips and more. Plus Sweet Nothings is offering free shipping site-wide. Feel good about what you’re putting into your body and nab your Sweet Nothings at https://www.eatsweetnothings.com/