The Best Customizable Protein Powder is Here

In an oversaturated market of protein powders, it can be challenging to find the right fit for your needs. Gainful stands out for its personalized and all-natural solution tailored to specific preferences and health goals. 

What is Gainful?

Gainful is a sports nutrition brand that focuses on delivering all-natural supplements designed to align with your unique tastes, dietary requirements, and health objectives. Their aim is to empower you “to feel pride in attaining your goals.” Gainful sweats “the details so that you don’t have to – giving you peace of mind that your supplements contain the finest ingredients.”

The key feature of Gainful is its personalized formulation. In a short quiz on their website, interested consumers input information about their body type, activity level, fitness goals, nutrition habits, and any dietary restrictions. Based on my responses, I was offered the vegan option, but there were options for Keto, vegetarian, and more. Immediately following the prompt, a personalized protein blend is presented.

These blends come unflavored, but Gainful offers a variety of Flavor Boosts such as Madagascar vanilla, chocolate, matcha green tea, and more. The unflavored protein powder is meant to promote consistent usage. Since people tire of consuming the same flavor (I know I do), the flavor boosts are great for keeping Gainful protein new and exciting. I personally enjoy using the plain powder in smoothies and as an added protein boost to pancakes and other baked goods. 

Ingredients and Nutrition

Gainful takes pride in using high-quality, clean ingredients carefully selected by their in-house registered dietitians. Their blends are free of soy, gluten, fillers, artificial flavors, sweeteners, or colors. What they do include is all nine essential amino acids and 19 – 27 grams per serving depending on the customization. Based on your quiz answers, the protein bases may include organic pea protein, organic brown rice protein, organic oat powder, and whey protein concentrate. 

Sometimes trying a new supplement can feel overwhelming. You may feel like you aren’t seeing the results you want and feel the need to change your intake. Luckily, Gainful comes with one-on-one counseling with their registered dietitians. So, whether you have a question about the product, your personal fitness goals, or anything else, consultation is just a quick email or text away. I spoke with their RD about running performance, and recommended their hydration packets (I chose their strawberry-lemonade flavor – yum) along with their protein powder. According to their website, 84% of Gainful users are hitting their workout goals. It’s too early to tell, but I’m feeling optimistic so far. 


Gainful’s protein powders begin at $45 for 14 servings. Additional add-ons, like their pre-workout blends, hydration powders, creatine, and more come with extra fees, starting at $22 for 14 servings. Gainful operates on a subscription-based model that automatically renews monthly. Orders exceeding $60 come with free shipping; otherwise, there’s a flat-rate shipping fee of $5.99 for U.S. delivery. Subscribers have the flexibility to skip, pause, or cancel subscriptions at any time. Gainful products can also be found in retailers such as Target.

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