The Future of Supplements Is Here: 3D-Printed Nourished

As the pandemic continues to evolve and new Covid variants arise, and as we’re headed into the thick of cold and flu season, it’s essential that you keep your immune system bolstered. Nourished is the first customizable, 3D-printed, personalized gummy stack vitamin to strengthen your health. Nourished is the world’s first truly customized nutrition product, and the Britain-based brand has developed a revolutionary method to combine seven different active ingredients into one daily personalized stack, using an innovative 3D printing technology and a patented vegan encapsulation formula. Bespoke health and wellness is the future.

Choose your favorite vitamins and supplements on the Nourish website by either answering a short lifestyle questionnaire or by choosing your own. The Nourish3d team then will then 3D-print your selection on in convenient and tasty stacks with less hassle, less cost, and less waste than if you were to purchase your chosen active ingredients separately. Award-winning female entrepreneur, Melissa Snover is the brains behind this genius concept. These vitamins feature high absorption and efficacy, are backed by science, and are freshly made-to-order.

Here are a few of the Nourish Gummy Stacks for you to consider (and there are more on the Nourish website):

The Inner Strength Stack
This gummy vitamin stack contains Beetroot (endurance, heart heart), Tart Cherry (recovery, brain function), Cordyceps (power + performance), B12 (mood, energy), Vita-algae D3 (bone and muscle health), Ginseng (energy, stamina), Maca powder (cognitive function). This stack enhances performance, boosts energy levels, and improves muscle recovery. It’s delicious!

The High Flyer Stack
Ginger (digestive health + recovery), LactoSpore (immunity + mood), B12 (energy + more), HydroCurc (anti-inflammatory), Vita-algae D3 (brain + heart health), Lycopene (eye health + antioxidant), ashwagandha (stress relief), black pepper extract. Is one of your new year’s resolutions to be more productive? Chew a High Flyer to stay energized, focused, and stress-free no matter what 2022 has in store. A custom nutrient blend of high-quality ingredients, the High Flyer Stack is 100% vegan, eco-friendly and tasty. Ideal for go-getters.

The Inner Vitality Stack
This stack is great for people over 55 and/or those in need of replenishment and a stronger immune system. It contains Vitamin C (healthy bones), Zinc (immunity), HydroCurc (anti-inflammatory), Vita-algae D3 (cognitive function), Vitamin E (anti-oxidant), CoQ10 (heart health), black pepper extract, and B12 (energy).

Go to the Nourished site, take the quiz, take your vitamins, and stay healthy! Bonus aspects include free shipping, cancel or pause anytime, and a 30-Day Guarantee

Price: $59.99