The Smallest Water Flosser? Snow Whitening’s NEW Water Flosser

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Over the last few years, I’ve been steadily working on improving my dental hygiene practices. The fear of losing all my teeth not only extends from constant childhood nightmares of my teeth falling out but also from a dental analysis a few years ago where I found out I had a receding gum line. Extremely attractive information isn’t it? Should I put that in my dating profile?

There is no cure for something like that and the fear of that plus just the need to grasp at some aspect of control over my life folded into itself until a miasma of poison flooded my brain and flowed into my hands where I somehow channeled something negative into something positive – consistent improvement of my health routine.

One thing I was always thinking of was also not surprisingly the same thing dentists would always gently scold me for – flossing. I hated the threads as my mouth was too small to maneuver them so I opted for the plastic flossers that could fit in between my teeth.

But it’s just so wasteful!

I liked the idea of water flossers and also seeing it in the bathrooms of acquaintances in the health field was like a non-verbal advertisement that this was indeed the direction to go.

But they are so bulky and I do NOT have the bathroom space for those clunky aquariums no matter how much they may be good for me. If I can’t comfortably use it, I won’t.

Which brings me to something quite wonderful and innovative in this pearly white teeth related story – a small, condensed version of those water tanks has been created by Snow Whitening in the form of The Water Flosser.

The NEW Snow Whitening Water Flosser

The box arrived in a small padded envelope. I was confused. The address said Snow Whitening but this can’t be what I ordered. I of course do not read the full descriptions of items and never bothered to check for dimensions. The box containing the flosser is THE SIZE OF MY HAND. And I have small hands, guys.

The water flosser itself is one piece with a removable “tank” portion. The box comes with instructions for operating that I may not have read beforehand, a USB C charging cable and an extra nozzle. I loved seeing a USB C cable, meaning I could potentially charge my flosser with my Macbook charger and have its battery blown but yet charged super fast. (do not do that please).

The Specs

The Water Flosser comes with very few buttons so even if you skip, or forget, this section – you’ll figure it out.

There are three buttons. The top most is for locking in your flosser nozzle. The package comes with one and you can purchase more on Snow’s website. The second button is for power. It’ll be your most used one so I’m glad it’s the largest. The third is a thin vertical oblong button. That one is for the mode.

There are also three modes.

  •  Yellow is the gentlest. It produces a soft water stream and is the best if you are new to water flossing.
  • Green produces a pulsating stream, which is great for your gums.
  • Red produces normal water pressure.

How to Use

My water flosser came charged so my eagerness to try my new toy was not delayed by unrealistic things like charge times.

The flosser comes condensed ( hence the small size when it arrives ) so you would have to slide the top portion up until you can get it to “click”.

The bottom portion has a small white clasp that you would open and fill it with water. I learned a little later that warm water works best for sensitive gums.

Then you would press the power button, switch whichever mode you’d like and go to town.

Final Thoughts…?

I definitely love having this water flosser in my dental routine. While I’m still new to using a water flosser, I found that when I double flossed ( I do still use a threaded floss pick ), there was very little I had to clean up afterwards. And this is with me with poor flossing technique.

The water reservoir does not hold a lot of water and I do find I have to refill it a few times to finish going over my entire mouth.

However, this does not bother me at all. The size and convenience more than makes up for that small extra step. I would not be using a water floss otherwise and having methods to improve your dental hygiene is better than none.

The battery life is really good and I rarely have to charge it, though I only use it once per day.

I do wish there was a convenient traveling case as I can definitely imagine bringing this with me when I travel. The reservoir can hold whitening products, which is something I intend to add as an additional step once I get comfortable with water flossing.

Overall, I love Snow Whitening’s Water Flosser. Its compact size, battery life, and adjustable water pressure makes it easy to use and not take up space in my small bathroom.


Want to try it for yourself?

Shop Snow Whitening Water Flosser – $79

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