TheraICE Rx for What Ails You: Migraines + Sports Injuries

If you suffer from migraines, natural relief is in sight. The Headache Relief CAP naturally eases migraines, headaches, and stress with its 360-degree hot and cold compression cap. This is a form-fitting, stretchable, one-size-fits-all cap that blocks light for sensitivity and provides either warmth or cold relief with expert-grade gel. Cover your eyes for best results, but it can also be worn above your eyes, and it covers the sinus area. You can eschew hard inserts and velcro because this patented design comes to the rescue and stays cold or hot for the your recommended amount of time to recover. it’s also easy to clean, convenient, and travel-friendly. Available in black, pink, or a blue holiday edition.

TheraICE Rx also offers compression sleeves with ice packs for knees, wrists, and elbows for sports injuries, avid typists, yoga mishaps, and weekend warriors. Their compression sleeves combine the needed support and relief that ice brings to an injury for a double whammy recovery.

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