Thirst Quenchers for a Clear Head

In the midst of writing articles, studying for org-chem, and keeping my zen, I find myself heading to the library. The change of place helps my brain to r-e-l-a-x and find some semblance of order. But while there, for hours on end, I like to have a little something with me between reading for psychology or writing my newest piece for poetry class. Here’s my list of sips for when I need to take a breather:

Setting the studious tone, I brew The Qi’s Royal Chrysanthemum Tea. Its yellow shade brightens my mood and the flower grows as I pour hot water over it. The scent is light, floral, and sweet: perfect for pre-studying sipping. Simply add a drop of honey and enjoy. Chrysanthemum is known for de-stressing properties, boosting the immune system, and general inner peacekeeping.

Pricklee Strawberry Hibiscus

Continuing on the floral train when I want something easy to slurp, I reach for a cold can of Pricklee’s Strawberry Hibiscus. Made from prickly cactus water, Pricklee is the only drink of its kind on the market. (What does cactus water actually taste like? Watermelon and bubblegum, according to Pricklee). The Strawberry Hibiscus flavor whisks me away to July middays and salt water-kissed skin at the lake. Low cal, non-carbonated, and packed with antioxidants, it’s fit for the girlies who are into healthier lifestyles. I’ll drink this between chats with the librarian about the newest memoir on the NYT bestseller list. What could be better?

happy being Healthy Cucumber Mint

Despite being cooped up in the library, I want spa vibes sometimes, okay? And lucky for me, I get that with happy being’s Healthy Cucumber Mint. This ultra chic (and recyclable) glass bottle brightens up my mood with every sip. The flavor strikes the balance between sweet, minty, and invigorating. Formulated with a white tea base, happy being works to support the immune system and fosters good gut bacteria. Healthy without even thinking about it, meaning: more brain power for solving equations. Organic, 3 grams of sugar, and super Instagramable. I’m all for happy being to make me a happy being.

Odyssey Elixir Energy + Focus – Passion Fruit, Orange, Guava

For a pick-me-up to get through my study sesh, I happily crack open a can of Odyssey Elixir. My favorite is their best seller: the Passion Fruit, Orange, Guava flavor. I know, you’re probably salivating reading the name. And for good reason, it’s divine. But that isn’t the only plus from Odyssey Elixir; it’s also what it’s infused within: 2500mg of Lion’s Mane and Cordyceps mushroom extracts, to be exact. These mushrooms help to provide clarity and focus. Plus 85 mg of caffeine from green tea that doesn’t leave me jittery. The fizz keeps it effervescent and lively. With all these factors, I can power through anything I set my mind to, literally! Memorizing facts for history never came easier, thanks to Odyssey Elixir. Trips to the library are always more enjoyable with a refreshment in tow!