This Valentine’s Day Put Your Friend on Hold for the Night

It’s that time of year again where us gals break out the lingerie in preparation to show our guys just how much we appreciate them. Sure this may include gifts they can actually open, but the real gift unravels under the covers. Whether he’s your husband, boyfriend, fiancé, or a late night rondo vu, you’ve got everything planned to a tee. That is until an unexpected guest decides to show up – your period!

This year BN has got you covered. We’ve searched drugstores and pharmacy’s beyond for the ultimate fix in feminine care. Introducing, Soft Cup, the first and leading alternative to maxi pads and tampons that can actually be worn during sex! Granted, when I first heard that, there were a few questions that popped into my head. How is that even possible? What if it gets lost inside you? How do I get it out? Eager to know for myself, I decided to seek expertise and found Dr. Christine Ko in the process.

Dr. Ko is an MD who has been using soft cup for years and is amazed at the results. She was also able to provide some key insight to some of the above questions.

BN: How is Softcup able to be used during intercourse? Is it possible for Softcup to get lost inside you? If so, what do you do?
Dr. Ko: For starters, Softcup cannot get lost inside you. Unlike a tampon, Softcup does not sit in the vaginal wall. It sits in your cervix, which is located past your pubic bone. Once Softcup is inside your cervix it will mold to your internal shape. It cannot get lost inside you simply because it has nowhere to go.

BN: What are your personal experiences with Softcup? Have you used it before and in your opinion how does it differ from a tampon?
Dr. Ko: I love Softcup! I’ve been using it safely and effectively for years. Softcup differs from a tampon in that it can be used for up to 12 hours. Most women do not realize how much time they spend in and out of the bathroom changing their tampon or maxi pad. This is a hassle free solution that cuts that time down to only twice per day. Softcup also is a much healthier option than using tampons because it does not change the PH of the vaginal wall.

BN: While having sex, can my partner feel Softcup? Also, because Softcup is collecting the discharge will there be an odor?
Dr. Ko: Feeling Softcup during intercourse will vary based on your partner and your position, but in most cases your partner will not feel it and if he does, this is not harmful to you or your partner. Because Softcup sits inside the cervix and not in the vaginal wall, there will be no odor. However, I do recommend if you are going to use Softcup during intercourse, you should insert a fresh cup beforehand to avoid leakage.

BN: Does Softcup expire?
Dr. Ko: No. Based on preference, Softcup is offered in two forms, disposable and reusable. Neither expire, however the reusable Softcups must be sanitized with each use.

BN: Are there any special tips for new users?
Dr. Ko: Yes. I recommend starting on one of your lighter days. Just as when you first started using tampons it took some time to get used to, Softcup may also take some time to adjust to.

After speaking with Dr. Ko and knowing it was safe, I decided to try Softcup for myself. Aside from the psychological fear going through my mind, it really wasn’t all that bad. I choose the disposable Softcup to avoid any mess. As I headed into the bathroom, I figured it was best to tell my fiancé what I was about to do in case I fainted or needed to be rescued in any way.

I sat on the toilet with my knees apart. When I opened the package I saw something that resembled a basketball net. It was smaller of course and the rim was pink, which added a nice feminine touch. I followed the diagram below and after a struggling ten minutes of fondling myself, I finally got it in.

This is what Softcup looks like when squeezed for insertion. Wash your hands and relax. To correctly use Softcup, we recommend sitting on the toilet with your knees apart. To insert Softcup, hold Softcup so the bottom of the cup hangs down. Squeeze the opposite sides of the rim together.

Keeping the rim pressed together, insert Softcup completely into the vagina. When you are sitting, your vaginal canal is horizontal, sloping slightly downward. Use your finger to push Softcup downward and back as far as it will go. Softcup cannot get lost inside you. It will slide into place under the cervix and behind the pubic bone.

Do not push Softcup upward as it will stop in front of the cervix. This is not the correct position for Softcup and can cause leakage. If that happens, just pull Softcup out and then reinsert pushing downward and back. Inside your body Softcup molds itself immediately to your unique internal shape, forming a personal fit that ensures comfort and helps prevent leakage.

When Softcup is inserted properly, you shouldn’t feel it. Softcup fits exactly in the natural space just below the cervix. If you feel something in the vaginal canal (like a tampon can feel), Softcup is probably not far enough inside you. Just remove and try again.

To correctly remove Softcup, we recommend sitting on the toilet with your knees apart. Insert your finger into the vagina and identify the pubic bone, the Softcup rim will be right behind it. Hook your finger under the rim. Don’t worry – your fingernails cannot puncture Softcup. Very slowly pull Softcup out of your body keeping it horizontal and level.Do not pull down like you do a tampon, this can lead to spillage. Do not twist, just pull slowly and steadily.

One tip: If you have trouble hooking your finger under the rim, bear or push down. If you wish, empty fluid into the toilet or simply put toilet tissue inside the cup to absorb fluid.

To put Softcup to the ultimate test, I decided to give intercourse a try and asked my fiancé to aid in my research. He was happy to help. I am happy to report there was no leakage, no odor, my fiancé didn’t feel a thing, and I had one of the most intense orgasms since I can remember. I now refer to Softcup as my American express card–never leave home without it!

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