Three Spirit’s Botanical Alchemy: A Plant-Pimped Elixir Revolution

Three Spirit has proven that alcohol-free doesn’t translate to pleasure-free or sensory-free. Bond over drinks without paying for it later with this sublime botanical trio that delivers mood-enhancing effects of the best sort. Three Spirit’s team of alchemists spent years in libraries, labs, fields, forests, and bars experimenting with plants for optimal taste and effects, and the result is three different botanical potions to suit your lifestyle and desired mood. These are not imitations of alcoholic drinks – each stands alone as a unique and memorable botanical elixir – but each can be mixed into your favorite cocktail as a mood enhancer. With more than 50 magical ingredients, you can head to the Three Spirit website to geek out and become a plant pro, find recipes, and check special offers. And if you’re fascinated by plants and their impact on your health, the Three Spirit blog is a riveting Master Class of info.

These three delectable libations cover all of life occasions, contain no artificial sweeteners, colors, gluten, or flavors (yay!), are vegan, and have very few calories:

LIVENER: Energize – Juicy, Fiery, Fun
A kick-starter! This is a clean-energy elixir with guayusa, schizandra, vibrant berries, guava leaf, green tea, ginseng, ginger, apple cider vinegar, watermelon, floral green herbs, hibiscus, tannins, and more. Its fresh and fiery and delivers tongue-tingling heat. This is euphoria in a bottle to power you through your day in a natural way, complements of Mother Nature. Create a Fierce Spritz with club soda, or pink grapefruit juice, kombucha, or lemonade.

SOCIAL ELIXIR – Dark, Bittersweet, Curious
Elevate moments shared with friends and family with this herbal elixir that combines plants used for centuries in ceremonies and potions, resulting in a sip with a savory bite. Lion’s mane mushroom, yerba mate, damiana, tulsi, cacao, apple, and more will leave you feeling a little floaty and flirty, with spirits lifted and inhibitions receding. Bright dry spices and a full-bodied, complex and bittersweet taste will result in a curiously sublime potion. Add it to ginger ale or ginger beer for a Light & Stormy, or pair it with espresso and a dash of maple syrup for an Herbal Stimulant in lieu of your daily cappuccino.

NIGHTCAP: Unwind – Mellow-Making
Sweet dreams… Relax and unwind after a long day or when stressed with tree saps, aromatic plants, and bright spices that have been used for centuries in potions. Lemon balm, valerian, hops, black pepper, maple, rich vanilla, hazelnut, white willow bark, spices, the adaptogenic ashwagandha, and citrus herbs impart a decadent, luxurious feel to this relaxing potion. Enjoy it straight up or on the rocks and add a lemon slice. Or add some bitters and an orange slice for an Old Fashioned cocktail vibe.

The brilliant founders:
Each co-founder brings a unique skillset; Tatiana Mercer co-founded BarChick, a platform for discovering the world’s best bars; Dash Lilley launched various wellness-focused beverage brands, including CocoFace and Champatea, and Meeta Gournay is an operations and finance powerhouse. They’re on a noble mission to plantify pleasure and render botanical alchemy the next wave in nightlife and lifestyle choice.

The pertinent details:
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