Thyroid Treatment with Thorne

As a teenager, I went six months without my period. Then one day after French class, I got a soul-crushing cramp and rushed to the nurse’s office. She told me to lie down for a while. I ended up getting very sick. My sister picked me up and I lay in bed. It all hurt so much.

A couple weeks later, I booked a doctor’s appointment and had an ultrasound on my abdomen and throat. I had blood work done, too. The verdict: I had an underactive thyroid, which impacted my cycle. I went on birth control to make my cycle more regular for five years until I was 20.

Now that I’m 22, I have been researching more about how my thyroid condition impacted my life as a teen. Some symptoms of an under-active thyroid include depression, tiredness, weight gain, and sensitivity to the cold. These are all things I’ve dealt with throughout my life. So when I read about Thorne’s thyroid supplements, I knew I needed to try them.

The Thyrocsin™ supplement has T4 hormone levels. T4 helps cardiac output, heart rate, respiratory rate, and basal metabolic rate. This supplement also helped the conversion of T4 to T3, and for normal cortisol levels. The ingredient list consists of Tyrosine, Vitamin E, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Ashwagandha, Selenium, Copper, and Zinc Iodine, which can help support your internal health, not only the thyroid gland. After taking these I have felt more energized, less cold, and been able to shed some pounds.

I also enjoyed the effects of Super EPA, which supplied Omega-3 for a well-functioning brain, heart, and joints! This also supports the health of the thyroid for getting all of the proper minerals and vitamins. I like taking this in the morning with breakfast so I know I’m getting it all in at the start of my day. I also take the Moducare® supplement. It contains plant sterols and sterolins (AKA plant fats) which are shown to boost cell activity specifically to help change T-helper 1 to T-helper 2 cells. This supplement helps me to de-stress after a long day so I tend to take this before bedtime. Thyroid health is uber important to me and millions of other people out there too, so thanks to Thorne’s bundle, you’ll be able to maintain your health.