To Your Health! Numi Tea, Siika Herb + Honey Co, & Yes To Cucumbers

May the new year find you in optimal health, and to ensure that’s the case, we recommend these items from Numi Tea, Siika Herb and Honey Co, and the Yes To brand. What could possibly be better than great health? Absolutely nothing, which is why these items are not only good for you, but make great gifts for those you love:

SIIKA Herb and Honey Co – Distinctive Raw Honey Blends
People love honey when they’re healthy and when they feel under the weather, and the Siika Herb and Honey Co elevates honey to a creative and gourmet level with their blends that fuse herbs with raw honey. Siika means “wealth, luxury, extreme riches or beauty” in the Ga language of Ghana, Togo, Benin and Western Nigeria. It’s a reminder that health is wealth, along with self-love and being connected to the relationships and communities that resonate with you and inspire you. The Whole Vanilla Beans and Lavender Honey is excellent with waffles, ice cream, tea and other food and drink (get creative!). Other tastebud-pleasing blends are Mint and Rosemary, Honey with Cinnamon, Orange Peel, Ginger & Cloves, and Sweet Chili Honey. Siika also has teas and other goodies!

Yes To Cucumbers – Depuffing Under Eye Masks
When you have a hangover or feel under the weather, reach for Yes to Cucumbers Depuffing Under Eye Masks with aloe vera to soothe sensitive skin. Created with 96% natural ingredients, these masks are exactly what you need to rejuvenate and see the world with fresh new eyes.


Numi Tea: A World of Choices
Sourced straight and pure from nature, Numi Tea’s products are created with only the finest, most unadulterated organic tea leaves, herbs, flowers and spices from around the globe. No compromises on quality and purity! There is still time to send a gift of health this season with one of these inspired Numi Tea gift sets:

Wander With Purpose Gift Box
This is a remarkably meaningful gift for the world traveler in your life who is in search of authenticity and purpose. Like an advent calendar, interior flaps open to reveal a peek into the lives of the people who make the tea and the positive impact Numi has around the world. This gift box contains 30 tea bags, with 5 of each of the following blends: Aged Earl Grey (Assam, India), Jasmine Green (Jianxi, China), Rooibos Chai (Cederberg, South Africa), Turmeric Three Roots (Atsinanana, Madagascar), Chocolate Pu-erh (Yunnan, China) and Chamomile Lemon (Faiyum, Egypt). In partnership with the Numi Foundation, Numi built 23 wells bringing clean, safe drinking water to 4,000 people across 12 villages in Madagascar, where their organic, Fair Trade turmeric is sourced.

Tea by Mood Gift Set – 40 tea bags
Matching tea to mood is a smart idea, since there are times when we want to relax, times when we want to energize, and so forth. This is what the box contains: Breakfast Blend (for Focus), Aged Earl Grey (for Balance), Emperor’s Pu-erh (to Energize), Jasmine Green (to Reflect), Mate Lemon (to Invigorate), Rooibos Chai (to Inspire), Moroccan Mint (Refresh) and Chamomile Lemon (to Sleep).

Self Care Sampler
We highly recommend this caffeine-free set for ensuring that those you love stay healthy in the new year, which micro-targets specific conditions and contains:

Immune Support: Organic Elderflower, organic elderberry fruit, organic Fair Trade Certified™ ginger root, organic rosehip fruit, organic lemongrass stalk, organic thyme leaf
Immune Boost: Organic echinacea leaf & stem, organic rosehip fruit, organic dandelion root, organic dandelion leaf & stem, organic ginger root, organic cinnamon bark, organic licorice root
Dandelion Detox: Organic dandelion root, organic dandelion leaf, organic nettle leaf, organic burdock root, organic red clover herb, organic milk thistle seed, organic lemon peel, organic cardamom pod, organic lemon myrtle leaf
Sweet Slumber: Fair Trade Certified™ organic chamomile flowers (Matricaria recutita), organic lavender flower (Lavandula angustifolia), organic lemon balm leaf (Melissa officinalis), organic licorice root (Glycyrrhiza glabra), organic valerian root (Valeriana edulis), organic passionflower (Passiflora incarnata), organic hop flowers (Humulus lupulus)
Congest Away: Organic Fair Trade Certified™ fennel seed, organic peppermint leaf, organic Fair Trade Certified™ ginger root, organic cinnamon bark, organic licorice root
Throat Soother: Organic sage leaf, organic licorice root, organic marshmallow root, organic cinnamon bark, organic clove bud
Moroccan Mint: Fair Trade Certified™ organic mint
Rooibos: Verified Fair Labor™ organic rooibos

World of Tea Collection
Take a flavorful Tea Trip around the globe! This broadening set in a handcrafted box contains 5 tea bags of:

Aged Earl Grey (Italy): organic Assam with real bergamot (an aromatic Italian orange) this bright, balanced black tea. Each sip brings a robust flavor with subtle citrus notes.
Breakfast Blend (India & Sri Lanka): This hearty blend of traditional morning teas offers an energizing start to the day. Bold and robust black teas from Assam, Ceylon, and Darjeeling create a hearty, balanced, complex cup.
Chamomile Lemon (Egypt): fine Egyptian chamomile blossoms pairs with Australian lemon myrtle leaves for a sweet organic brew that imparts lingering calm.
Golden Chai (India): Black Assam tea with cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, and other spices make a rich, spicy traditional chai.
Gunpowder Green (China): This tea is made by rolling tea leaves into tiny pellets and roasting them on a wok. Appearing in Taiwan in the 19th century, it was embraced for its smoky flavor and full-bodied, smooth taste.
Jasmine Green (China): fragrant, smooth green tea leaves are scented three times with night-blooming jasmine to make this delicate tea. In Jiangxi Province, China, rich soil and fluctuations in daily temperature yield a fragrant leaf. Jasmine flowers gently cover the tea until their scent is fully absorbed.
Mate Lemon (Brazil): A legendary South American elixir, this infusion of organic Brazilian Yerba Mate, Australian Lemon Myrtle and green tea unfolds into a lemon taste with sweet, earthy undertones. Its stimulating effect evokes a cheerful mental lucidity.
Moroccan Mint (Egypt): soothing Moroccan Mint, known as “nana mint,” flourishes in North Africa. Light and lively as a newly picked leaf, its sweet spearmint flavor is refreshing any time of day.
Rooibos (South Africa): Also called “Red Tea,” rooibos is an herb indigenous to the Cederberg region of South Africa. Known for its calming effects, rooibos has a deep, earthy vanilla taste and is rich in antioxidants.

Flowering Tea Gifts – Fun, Memorable, Healthful
Flowering Tea is a veritable art form in the form of loose tea. Organic tea leaves are hand sewn around flowers, creating Leaves of Art that slowly blossom into a bouquet of breathtaking shapes and flavors. This elegant gift box will delight everyone and contains a bouquet of 6 Flowering Tea blossom and one heat-resistant, dishwasher safe, crystal-clear borosilicate glass teapot. It steeps 18 pots for large holiday groups and is beautiful to watch unfurl.

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Numi Tea’s individual teas are fantastic for battling colds and flus too. Look for their Organic Throat Soother and Organic Congest Away along with (or in lieu of) chicken soup the next time you feel a cold coming on. Shop all of the other immunity-boosting, de-stressing blends HERE.