Treats Made for Your Gut Health Journey

There was a time when we had to choose between a chocolate chip cookie or a flat stomach, but now we can have our probiotics in a cinnamon roll and our superfoods in our morning pineapple juice, thanks to the brands below.

And let’s be honest… It’s really hard to stay away from the sweets when trying to be a healthier version of ourselves. We should be able to have a snack from time to time and not feel like we took 10 steps back in our gut health journey. When getting started on that journey, you’ll see the word probiotics EVERYWHERE. Probiotics are the good bacteria that live in your body and help eliminate bad bacteria so as to maintain a healthy balance in your body. In terms of bloating, probiotics are essential since they support the gut lining, stave off bloating, and prevent bad bacteria from entering your bloodstream.

We usually need to rely on probiotics supplements or teas, but now you can get your probiotics through sweet treats.

Introducing BelliWelli, your best friend for catering to your gut and divulging in a sweet treat at the same time. Previously a celebrity matchmaker, Katie Wilson was a fellow IBS sufferer and had endured a battle of colonoscopies, endoscopies, and more. After months of trial-and-error, she and her husband formulated the perfect snack bar that was tasty yet provided gut benefits. Katie Wilson launched Belliwelli in March of 2021, a line of soft-baked, gluten-free, plant-based nutrition bars containing probiotics and fiber. BelliWelli is designed for anyone looking to improve their digestive health. They are the FIRST gluten-free, vegan, certified low-fodmap treats on the market. All of the bars are free from common gut-irritants like sugar, alcohols, gluten, and dairy. BelliWelli bars come in these flavors: strawberry shortcake, cinnamon swirl, lemon white chocolate, birthday cake, and fudge brownie. If you can’t choose just one, try all of them with their Taster Box. Now we don’t need to have a guilty conscience when tasting something good! Choose your favorites HERE.

Okay, now here’s the second term that is very important to gut health: superfoods. Superfoods are considered to be nutrient powerhouses and provide antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that your body needs. These foods actually work hand-in-hand with probiotics, as they nourish your health-promoting gut bacteria. You might already be incorporating them into your diet without even knowing it; some superfoods that are specifically great for gut health are ginger, oats, kombucha, apples, flaxseeds, and onions. If these foods aren’t already in your diet, it can seem like an arduous task to incorporate them, but luckily, now all you need is water.

Golde is centered on creating superfoods that will effortlessly boost your routine. Founder Trinity Mouzon Wofford believes that products that make you feel good should work seamlessly into your lifestyle, not the other way around. Whether you start your day with a smoothie or a cup of joe, Golde has got you covered. Golde’s Gut Support Bundle includes the Pineapple Debloat and Original Turmeric Latte Blend. Their best-selling Pineapple Debloat relieves bloating and supports digestion with real probiotics and digestive enzymes. This coconut water + pineapple juice formula simply needs to be mixed with water. The Original Tumeric Latte Blend includes six essential superfoods that combine to create a warming spiced latte. You can add this to basically anything: hot water, milk, coffee, smoothies, and even baked goods. It not only supports gut health but also helps with skin glow and immunity. Their formulas are always 100% natural and vegan-friendly with superfood ingredients you can recognize and trust. Pick them up HERE.

And that’s it! To start or continue your gut health journey, these two brands and their products are sure to work with you instead of against you. This process can be overwhelming at first and feel hard to maintain, but with the help of Golde and BelliWelli, it can be easier. Pretty soon, we will forget that our sweet treats and drinks are actually helping us reach our health goals.