Tru47 Masks: Antimicrobial Silver for Natural Protection

Tru47 Masks literally provide a silver lining in this new era of pandemic mask-wearing. Their chemical-free, silver imbued products include masks, scarves, spritzes, inhalers, cloths, gloves, and hand mitts. What’s fantastic about their masks is that they’re made with 99.99% pure silver and combinations of silver and copper, so although they’re not N95, medical or surgical coverings, they’re made for long-term wear — and are re-usable, breathable, and washing-optional. Self-sanitizing, they provide protection against face touching, are kind to sensitive skin, and help you avoid “maskne” breakouts.

Two months of disposable masks equals the price of one TRU47 silver mask, and TRU47 masks can be worn for years on end. They never need to be washed, either! They’re eco-conscious and eco-friendly.

TRU47 was founded in 2015 after a year devoted to researching the benefits of silver (47 is a nod to the element Ag47, silver). Silver has antibacterial properties, so crafting a mask that utilizes it is a brilliant concept, especially now. Silver dates back to 4000 B.C. and has been used since then to inhibit the growth of germs, fungi, and viruses, as well as the bacteria that can cause odors. TRU47 does not use any alcohol, chemicals, or toxic ingredients in their products, and they don’t test on animals. In other words, it’s a company with integrity! Support it, read more information about their various silver and copper masks, and pick up your own at: or call 800-915-1647.