Um, Feeling Tense These Days? Try a Tension Releazzzer

As you remain at home during the corona virus crisis, visits to your chiropractor or masseuse may be on hold. While feeling trapped in your home, tension may be on the rise, along with anxiety. Tension in the neck is common for adults and can lead to awful nagging pain that makes some movements uncomfortable and headaches enduring and hard to bear. If you suffer from neck tension, the remarkable Tension Releazzzer is a life savior.

Tension Releazzzer was designed by a chiropractor Dr. Stock, who specializes in the area of tension headaches. The device feels like a strong thumb in the middle of your neck. It gives a deep therapeutic massage on the neck base muscles that allow nerves to relax and blood flow to be restored in the surrounding vessels

Dr. Stock used the Sub-Occipital Release Technique (SORT) used by chiropractors in their practice, to create the Tension Releazzzer. The product has two strategically placed hypo-allergenic knobs on its base. Simply lay your neck on the knobs, while laying down, and the gravity of the head weight applies the pressure-safely! Inexpensive, it can be used while reading or taking a nap for a wonderful sense of wellbeing. I stand by this product that has helped me release awful tension in my neck that affected my whole body and made some arm and back movements difficult. It is also a natural way to soften a stressed visage at the end of the day or when you are anxious and allow better circulation for a more youthful, relaxed look. You’ll love it.