Update Your Yoga Collection

Sweaty girls summer, yes please. Hear me out – a hot summer day, music blasting through your headphones, and all that drip expelling from your pores while in downward dog. Okay, maybe a little too much detail… but hey, sweating is good for us. The post-work out high and super cold shower are all things to look forward to. I’ve been sporting some fun picks from Yoga Democracy and Stratosphere41 to make my summer routine something to look forward to.


For my hot yoga girlies, grab a Stratosphere41 towel to soak up all that sweat, keep your feet grounded in Warrior Two, or just throw it in your bag for an impromptu beach trip. This super absorbent microfiber towel has been living in my gym bag this summer. It was created by Lauran Grant, who wanted the girliest yoga towels for those of us who crave something fun and bright. I received their Purple Cloud towel, which reminds me of tie-dyed dreams and cotton candy clouds. I simply lay my towel on the ground (usually on the grass, since I’m at the park 24/7) and stretch before my runs. Or if I’m stopping by a studio and forget my mat (it happens… maybe a little too much, but no judgment), I throw my towel on top and am able to slide right into pigeon pose. Stratosphere41 is that girl.

Yoga Democracy

Now for the cutest yoga sets I’ve laid my eyes on from Yoga Democracy... A company dedicated to the most comfortable and fashion forward yoga apparel, Yoga Democracy is quickly becoming my favorite go-to for sets. The stretch is incredible, covers me up flawlessly, and I’m obsessed with the bell bottom pant style. As for the sports bras, they keep me snug and cool even as I twist and turn. For the inner hippie vibe, I suggest the Groovy Girl Set to channel the birds, bees, and flowers while doing sun salutations. The bright orange and yellow colorway has me filled with smiles all day long.

For a more sleek look with floral inspo, I throw on the Rustica Printed Set. The gorgeous florals spark up compliments from strangers while heading to the studio. Yoga Democracy offers a variety of styles and colors, from the regular cropped leggings, full leggings, and of course my personal fav, bell bottoms.