Wellness Products for Better Mood and Sleep

During these difficult times, we can all use natural ways to improve our mood and quality of sleep. These wellness products help you live better naturally and to withstand the everyday stresses of life.

I never believed that my sheets could help me to sleep better until I tried Celliant Sheets, an FDA-determined medical device for wellness. I, along with many other people, have had trouble falling asleep recently. I delayed trying out the Celliant sheets because I did not think they could really make a difference in my sleep. But they did. Almost as soon as I lay down and pulled the top sheet over me, I felt more relaxed and went to sleep more easily than I had in previous nights. I did not even take melatonin, which I often do if I think I will have trouble sleeping. The next day I felt more refreshed and energized than I usually do. Over the next few weeks, I continued to sleep well and most importantly, to fall asleep more easily. How do they work? Celliant energy penetrates into the muscle and tissue to promote a temporary increase in blood flow and local circulation, which can lead to better sleep, and faster.These sheets are a miracle, and I plan to get more for myself and give them as gifts. To purchase, visit, www.sleepletics.com, and to learn more about Celliant visit, www.celliant.com.

There is nothing like bathing to relax the body and mind, but what you put into your bath makes all the difference. Tubtonics has a blend of bath salts called Divination Soaking Salts, formulated with sage and sandalwood. Sage releases tension while sandalwood helps ease anxiety and stress which we all need these days. This salt blend will be your go-to bath tonic. www.tubtonics.wixsite.com.

For those days when you just cannot get out of the house or do not want to venture out, you can still feel as if you took a walk in a forest or park. Just spritz your face and body with I’m Outside, a forest bath in a bottle that is chock-full of protective ingredients. It has tree oil phytoncides to boost immunity and reduce stress, Vitamin D3 to elevate mood and reduce inflammation, and fulvic acid and microalgae to restore microbiome and shield the skin from indoor pollution. www.Im-outside.com.

If you like to drink tea, the Wellness Tea Sample Box from Your Tea has samples of four teas to boost immunity, energy, help you to sleep and even make you happier. Based upon traditional Chinese Medicine, these teas contain natural herbal ingredients to restore health and wellness. The Antioxidant Tea has ginko biloba and ginseng root, the Energy Tea has green tea with ginseng, tangerine and lemon, the Sleep Tea contains lotus, rose, lavender and licorice, and the Happy Tea is a blend including Hawthorn fruit, chrysanthemum and lemon; www.yourtea.com.

Living with the pandemic has sparked many DIY projects that we never thought of before. One is doing your own simplified lymphatic drainage massage, using special essential oils. The Isa Lazo Collection has two luxurious oils designed to aid lymphatic drainage in the face and body. The Facial Oil contains anti-inflammatory ingredients, including cranberry seed oil and chamomile oil. The Body Oil contains Rosa Damascena Oil, Grapefruit Seed Oil and Evening Primrose Oil; www.isalazo.com.

Here are some great tutorials for facial and body lymphatic drainage.
Face: https://youtu.be/LONbNTnF1OQ
Body: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Pxe3m3CHzE


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