Women We Laud: Jenne Moore, Co-Founder & CEO of Vitamin-Infused Dark Chocolate Brand, Sourse

I attended a Get Your Glow event at HigherDOSE Williamsburg in honor of the vitamin-infused dark chocolate brand, Sourse. While there, I got a delightful Lymphatic Drainage Massage by the lovely Sakinah. I also got to sample Sourse’s Hype Bites (their vitamin B12-infused chocolate) and Glow Bites (their collagen-infused chocolate). All I could think of while devouring them is that they tasted like guiltless M&Ms, but better!

BeautyNewsNYC got to interview Sourse Co-Founder & CEO, Jenne Moore, all about her background, new chocolate brand, and more!

Jenne Moore

Tell us a little bit about yourself:
Prior to jumping head first into entrepreneurship and launching Sourse, I led marketing and analytics teams for several technology and renewable energy companies in San Francisco. During this time I made the connection between the food system and the environment, which ultimately influenced my decision to start my own business with the goal of making vitamins way more sustainable, fun and effective.

Tell us about Sourse:
Sourse was born out of my personal frustration with my daily supplement routine. I struggled to motivate myself to stick to my routine and pills felt medicinal. After years of suffering from vitamin B12 deficiency, I realized that the pills I was taking every day were not actually working. I became very interested in the concept of food-based supplements, they can alleviate the main problem with pills which is that your body can only absorb 5-30% of the nutrients in a pill capsule. With vitamin infused chocolate, the nutrients bypass your digestive system entirely, resulting in 90% absorption (sublingually). There are so many use cases for this new food technology we developed and this is just the beginning for us. We launched in August 2020 and we are growing quickly to keep up with demand.

What made you get into wellness?
I’ve always been interested in the food system and its impact on the planet because of my background in renewable energy. For me, wellness is choosing products that serve the planet just as much as they serve me. I became way more interested in the wellness space when I found out that I was missing so many specific nutrients (like B12 and Biotin) and was experiencing symptoms like brain fog that I didn’t know were linked. I eat a plant-based diet and this lifestyle led me to be much more aware of these nutrient gaps. When I shopped for products to fill these gaps, none of the brands on the market spoke to me and felt exciting to incorporate into my daily life.

One of my goals with Sourse is to help bring attention to the true definition of supplements (i.e. something that completes or enhances something else when added to it). This has nothing to do with pills and powders, but those formats have been made popular by the pharmaceutical brands who manufacture most of the products on the market.

What do you wish you knew about wellness when you were younger that you know now?
I would tell my teenage self to be skeptical of trends and to do a lot of research before buying something! There are a lot of misleading products on the market because the entire industry is unregulated. For me specifically, I really wish I knew how inefficient pill capsules were because I wasted a lot of money on products that my body couldn’t absorb and benefit from!

What are some products from Sourse you’d like to highlight?
We were excited to launch the brand with Hype Bites, our vitamin B12 infused chocolate. A majority of the population is low in B12 and this vitamin is linked to brain function, mood, energy, immunity and metabolism.

Learn more at https://trysourse.com/.


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