Work Out with Summary

There is a subtle magic in the workout process. Trust the grind, sure, but always trust in yourself to show up for yourself. I’ve found a way to do so with Summary products.

Summary Everyday Mineral Face Sunscreen SPF 30
Before I even step onto the sun to start my run, I gear up with Summary Everyday Mineral Face Sunscreen SPF 30. Lightweight texture and packed with HA’s, raspberry seed extract, and niacinamide and wrapped up in a pretty pink grapefruit and pineapple scent: I’m ready to stay in the sun all day long. No running or stinging my eyes with this product and small enough to put in my Fanny pack for reapplication without a second thought.

To keep sweat at bay, I apply the deodorant. It’s super cute with a purple translucent look and applies clear onto my armpits. I can step onto the mat knowing I’m protected with the butterfly pea flower, witch hazel, bamboo powder, and white willow bark extract that work to keep me smelling like lemon and ginger. Perfect to swipe on quickly after my shower and perks me right up as I continue my day.

Cool Down Muscle Gel

Once my workout is finished I take some time for TLC. The Cool Down Muscle Gel is fab for any aching muscles and tenderness, usually around my shoulders. I roll on the gel containing spearmint, menthol, caffeine and mineral complex to relieve all the tension both above and below my skin. No fuss, no mess, and the metal ball is sooooo soothing.

Candle to Body Oil

Midnight meditation and stretching is a part of my nightly ritual. But I’m always looking for ways to give a little something extra. The Candle to Body Oil hits the spot. I light it before I begin my yin yoga and my nostrils are filled with bright and relaxing smells of Grapefruit, Tangerine & Ho Wood. After fifteen minutes I blow out the flame and drip a bit into my palms, taking in a deep breath. I then slowly massage my thighs and legs, arms and belly as drift into my blankets for a tranquil slumber.