Work Your Waistline Better with the Core Max

Achieve the perfect abs you crave for summer in the privacy of your home with the new Core Max, a total body training system for home use.

Doing crunches and sit ups are far easier at home than at the gym, where you can wear what you please, and start whenever the spirit hits you. With the Core Max, a scientifically-designed exercise machine, the laboring aspect of doing crunches dissipates because your body is in a sitting position and the pressure on your core is triggered by Core Max’s power-assisted springs to make muscles work on the way up and down.

You can watch the news or your favorite show sitting in your Core Max, and simply let the springs pull on your core without any effort on your part. At first, you will not feel the crunch but a few minutes into the exercise, your stomach muscles will feel pulled and tightened from the pressure on your abs. All you need is 8 minutes a day!

You can also use this user-friendly product to do bicep curls, bridges, pushups, scissor kicks, tricep extensions, cycling, and pectoral extensions to tone arms, shoulders, triceps, glutes and core. Perfect for all levels, Core Max has three levels of resistance to target every muscle group. It comes with an exercise guide, meal plan, and DVD. After use, you can collapse it and hide it under your couch. It requires no assembly.

A perfect Graduation gift, or a Mother’s or Father’s Day gift, it can be purchase it at