Pet-Pourri’s Pawsitively Fresh Way to Hide Your Furfriends’ Funk

Pet Pourri Pawsitively Fresh Furever Fresh Bundle

Our favorite smelly saving, doo-doo dodging, muck masking brand Poo-Pourri has now come out with ways to hide not only your unfavorably produced smells, but your furry friends’ as well.

I mean your pets by the way. Not your fuzzy human ones.

Presenting Pet-Pourri, the sub product category dedicated to our furchildren who we love despite the increase in laundry costs, new furniture, and ruined floors.

If you’ve been looking for a surefire way to eliminate pet odor or hide that dog urine smell sitting in your carpet, Pet-Pourri has got you. The Pet-Pourri line has two main products: the Pawsitively Fresh odor eliminator spray and their Pawsitively Fresh Candle.

Why does it work so well?

Both of these have the that proprietary Pourri Funk Lock technology. Sounds cool right? The products are designed to neutralize and eliminate pet odors rather than just cover it up. Funk Lock is a plant based blend, so it won’t harm you, your furchild, or your environment. It works at a molecular level so that odor is gone gone.

Pet-Pourri Pawsitively Fresh Spray

Pet Pourri Pawsitively Fresh Spray Lifestyle

The Pet-Pourri Pawsitively Fresh Spray is both an air and fabric spray. You can spray this anywhere there was suspicious activity. Spray it on any surface: clothes, couches, cars, carpets. Not cats though. Please do not spray this on any animal including humans ( direct-skin). Do this a couple of times and wait a minute. The smell tends to be replaced by something akin to a vague suggestion of baby powder. Don’t over do the spraying, as it’ll just waste product and soak your material (assuming it was fabric).


My Pet-Pourri Spray Trial: Bird Poo and Dog Urine

I tried it on two things. The first was a friend who works at a bird clinic. Coming back one day, their shirt had the unmistakable fragrance of bird bum. It was luckily light, but as they had to immediately go out again, we had to act fast to hide that hiney-scented hindrance. I sprayed lightly over the shirt and the smell, while not like freshly laundered clothes, definitely did not hold a hint of bird. We considered this a success.

Pet Pourri Pawsitively Fresh Spray

The second was what I imagine most people would want this spray for: dog urine. While pet-sitting an older dog, he had a small accident on the couch. While I tried to clean it up, the smell was still there. So, I grabbed my spray and shot it…with odor-eliminating power streams. What smell? No dog peed here. Magic? Or just Pet-Pourri’s powerful Funk Lock technology. I won’t look into whether it’s sorcery or not it if it does its job. Urine is one of the smells that just seeps into all crevices and air pockets possible so having a tool to remove that efficiently and quickly is a life-saver. Or at least a nose one.

Pet-Pourri Pawsitively Fresh Candle

Pet Pourri Pawsitively Fresh Candle

Sometimes it’s not a sudden accident or mess that makes you look up from your book, glance around and sniff the air with a disgruntled expression. Sometimes the smell is sneaky, hiding in the materials around you or even the air itself.

For the times where you can’t target the offending odor, you can use the Pet-Pourri Pawsitively Fresh Candle. I’ve seen many people with puppies place a candle in every part of their room to try to mask mistakes. Here you just need one.

The candle burns really well with completely even pools the entire way through. I found it had the Pourri Fresh scent to it, akin to that baby powder smell I mentioned earlier. It covered the room I was in, which was quite impressive since it’s not a large candle.

In a way, it’s like a set it and forget it odor eliminator. There is no effort other than lighting the flame and making sure no one knocks it over. It does the work for you so you can go back to your book and cafe jazz music playing in the background (which is what I did).

The Conclusion….?

I found the spray and candle to be immediately effective after “application”. Its particular scent did not bother me because I literally can’t smell the spot that had urine on it anymore. This would be perfect for owners of pups or seniors who can’t control their bladder or are in training. It also works well for people who have other pets ( or smelly children ) that produce a funky fragrance, just remember to not spray your pet directly. If your pet is a extremely sensitive such as reptiles or rabbits, I would avoid using the spray unless a professional said it was okay. That said, spraying your own belongings after pet interaction is fine.

The company who has your backside’s back now also has your nose’s as well. If you are interested in trying Pet-Pourri’s Pawsitively Fresh series for yourself:


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