6 Stress-Relieving Ways to Boost Your Mood & Appearance

Take the time to unwind with these new products that will foster rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation:

L’or de Seraphine
Turn your home into a tranquil oasis when you light up the L’or de Seraphine candle. This creative company produces a lovely variety of aromatic candles for every taste. Not all candles are created equally, and L’or de Seraphine is the utmost attainable luxury. Free shipping on orders over $45. Bring on the serenity at https://www.lordeseraphine.com/.

Explicit Essentials Body Butter
Check out this phenomenal company founded in Queens that purposely creates badass products for badass women. Explicit Essentials believes in keeping it 100% real in life and in everything they produce. This fabulous brand’s Body Butter is available in five signature scents and all are made with the finest ingredients, which include shea butter and aloe. What I love about Explicit Essentials is the hilarious product names, which will elicit a chuckle. Embrace your inner badass at https://www.shopexplicitessentials.com/shop.

ADORAtherapy Chakra Soy Candle
Achieve balance and relaxation with ADORAtherapy’s Chakra Soy Candle. The ADORAtherapy line makes an amazing variety of vegan soy wax candles formulated with the brand’s own fragrances and essential oil chakra blends. ADORAtherapy stresses that their candles are more than mere room props. There is a purpose to each individual candle that you need to experience yourself to understand how they really work and how lovely they are. To see the entire healing candle collection, visit https://adoratherapy.com/.

bioClarity Brighten Up, Sunshine
If your skin needs a total reboot then bioClarity’s Brighten Up, Sunshine is a wondrous, multifunctional mask that will hydrate, exfoliate, and completely brighten skin. This vegan face mask experience is like going to the spa without leaving home, and it’s cruelty-free, paraben-free, and sulfate free. Enjoy 10% off your order with your email. Wake up to beautiful skin: https://www.bioclarity.com/.

Neora Firm Contour Cream
Give yourself a much-needed massage while toning the appearance of problem areas with Neora’s Firm Contour Cream. Neora’s cutting-edge formula helps firm your body’s contours and diminish crepe-like skin for a sleeker and more youthful-looking body. This efficacious cream, if used daily, will aid in replenishing elasticity, which will give you something to smile about. Visit https://www.neora.com/us/en/.

Blaq Pumpkin Fresh Peepers
If your eyes are baggy, tired, or if you had too many adult libations the night before, then you need Blaq Pumpkin Fresh Peepers. Permeated with superpower pumpkin fruit enzymes, red algae, and konjac, these ultra-moisturizing hydrogel patches were intended to help reduce dark circles, minimize fine lines, and completely refresh under the eyes. The result is a clean and vibrant, finished look that feels super soothing. What is fantastic about the Blaq company is that with each US purchase of Pumpkin Fresh Peepers, a dollar will be donated to The Trevor Project, the world’s largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LGBTQ young people. Sign up with your email and 15% off with your first order. Deflate the puff HERE.

Check out these extraordinary essentials for you and your loved ones to achieve instant Zen and relaxation.