A Pick-Me-Up at Tranquility Den Massage

Take a short trip to Princeton, NJ this weekend to tour the University, try delicious food, and most importantly, to enjoy some relaxation at the Tranquility Den Massage. Located in the Princeton Shopping Center, this hidden gem offers affordable massages and private parties for all occasions. I arrived on a Wednesday and was greeted by Alyssa at the desk, who explained the process and offered me a CBD or essential oil addition to my massage (I went with CBD since it’s been particularly stressful these past few weeks).

A few moments later, Marina, my masseuse, came into the lobby and led me back to the room. Pink salt lamps omitted a warm glow as she left me to disrobe. I climbed on the table, which was plush and warm, and snuggled under the sheets. She knocked, and then got to work on my Swedish massage. Her hands worked over the sheet and eventually worked into my back, slipping and sliding over my skin.

The CBD oil felt lovely as she massaged into the knots on my shoulders and rubbed my neck. Halfway through, I felt myself falling asleep but it was not long before she gently told me to flip over. She went over my arms, legs, and tired toes. By the end, I floated off into a cloud of tranquility. Marina left me to get dressed and I left my tip before I headed out. Alyssa supplied me with a little goodie bag of masks and wished me a successful semester. Tranquility Den Massage is a place for calm and stillness among the bustle of everyday life.

Make an appointment to de-stress and feel serene this summer:

Tranquility Den Massage
Princeton Shopping Center
301 North Harrison Street
Princeton, NJ 08540
Website: https://www.tranquilitydenmassage.com/


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