A Relaxing Spa Oasis in the Center of Sedona

Visitors to Sedona are immediately met with magnetic energy radiating from unique red rock formations, breathtaking landscapes, and metaphysical offerings. The Wilde Haven Spa, located in the west part of town, has expertly channeled that Sedona magic into its treatments, atmosphere, and experience, offering guests an enchanting wellness retreat.  

a hotel resort and spa with sedona red rock formations in the background, at sunset The Wilde Resort & Spa is located at the base of Thunder Mountain.

The amenities

I booked an afternoon appointment, but I arrived about an hour early to explore the rest of the spa. After a quick shower, I put on a complimentary robe and slippers and headed out to the hydro-spas. I was worried about trip logistics, but soaking in the warm, bubbling water of the hot tub and observing the beautiful surroundings quickly calmed my thoughts. 

I sat in the relaxation lounge for the remainder of the time, which had nice lounge chairs and light refreshments, like hot tea and fresh fruit. There were also a number of affirmation and positivity books that visitors could read. The entire time I waited, the staff members were attentive and accommodating, but not overbearing, which I appreciated. 

The treatments

As far as treatments go, Wilde Haven offers everything under the sun. Many of their bodywork, facial, and wellness services are hyperlocal, reflecting Sedona’s restorative powers and revitalizing landmarks. Take the Seven Sacred Pools, for example, which combines a massage with energy work to balance the body’s seven chakras. Or, a Sound Healing session, which invites guests to connect with their higher selves. 

For my main event, I chose the 90-minute Nature treatment. It started off with a full-body dry brushing, which helps blood circulation, promotes lymphatic flow, and exfoliates the skin. Then, my whole body was wrapped in a forest and sea phytopower mask. My spa therapist described it as “food for the skin,” and it certainly felt rich and cooling on my body. 

Then, we moved on to the massage. I don’t usually fall asleep during spa treatments, but I felt incredibly relaxed during this one. The neck and scalp portion was extra memorable — I don’t know how she hit so many different acupressure points and nerves, but it felt like tension was being removed from my entire body. Eventually, my therapist removed the body mask with a hot towel and finished off with an oxygen flower mist and arctic berry oil massage. By the end of the session, it felt like I had woken up from a dream. I left the spa feeling revitalized, recharged, and ready to tackle tomorrow’s hike.

Why you should go

Wilde Haven is the perfect escape from life’s stressors, worries, and troubles. If you’re ever in Sedona, take a break from the trails and indulge in a spa treatment from their experienced therapists and intuitive healers. Your body—and mind—will thank you later. 

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Annika Olives

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