Aion Aesthetics Weaves Its Magic with MINT PDO Threads

I have tried several types of fillers, as well as micro-needling and lasers, but only MINT PDO Threads addressed the aging of the skin on my lower face. I was determined to do something to remedy the lack of volume and loss of elasticity in my lower face, especially the chin area. When I had an opportunity to visit Aion Aesthetics to try this treatment, I admit that I was a bit nervous, even though I read about the procedure and it seemed safe. It was not until I walked into Aion Aesthetics and was so warmly greeted by co-founders, Taso Mikroulis, Clinical Director, and Akis Ntonos, a Nurse Practitioner who is Board Certified by the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, that my nervousness quickly melted away.

Immediately upon entering Aion Aesthetics, you will be greeted by Taso as if you were invited to his home for a party. His energy is positive and down-to-earth, and he makes you feel like you have known him for years. Taso offered me coffee or water and brought it into the treatment room on the cutest tray, along with some snacks. Meeting Akis was no different, and he instantly made me feel more relaxed and comfortable about having the PDO Thread treatment. I trusted his precise analysis of my facial features and shape, so that I knew PDO Threads were the right choice.

Akis explained how the threads would help to create collagen in my lower face area, and that over time the results would help to tighten and fill in the loose skin. He stressed that the results would be natural and not obvious to anyone who did not know what I had done. That was especially important to me.

MINT PDO Threads are a new product, launched by HansBiomed USA Inc, that are a non-invasive way to help create collagen in the face. MINT stands for Minimally Invasive Nonsurgical Thread. Once the thread is inserted into the skin with a needle, the tiny barbs on the thread anchor onto sagging tissue and are then maneuvered to contour and define your natural features. The threads dissolve in 6-8 months and stimulate your body to produce its own collagen, which helps to plump up the skin, and reduce wrinkles. Results can last for up to one year.

The first step in my treatment involved Akis applying numbing cream on my face in the areas where he planned to insert the needles. He allowed it to remain on my face for about twenty minutes. After that, Akis began to insert the tiny needles on one side of my lower face, and neckline. It just felt like pricks and was not painful at all. The needles remain under your skin temporarily, and look a bit like acupuncture, except they are placed at an angle under the skin. When one side was completed, Akis began to remove the needles, leaving the threads under the skin. The whole process took approximately 45 minutes, and any discomfort I felt was minimal, especially knowing that I was finally able to do something to remedy the lack of elasticity in my lower face.

Akis gave me instructions for what to expect post-treatment, including possible swelling, bruising and tenderness. He recommended using ice, and arnica gel, and told me not to do any exercise for about a week. Unlike some of the fillers I have had, it was also important not to rub my face after the treatment.

When I left, Akis gave me a hug, which I loved since I am a hugger too. I felt amazing, and looked forward to a new, more youthful look that would only improve over time. For the next week, I had minor swelling and some bruising which went away in a few days. I am thrilled with my results, and I highly recommend Akis Ntonos to perform any treatment you want. He will not give you anything you do not need – or that is not right for your face. Most importantly, you can trust his skill and expertise as an injectable specialist.

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