At-Home Spa: Purify Body + Mind with Pursoma’s Wellness Immunity Kit

Looking for extra motivation to really take control and kickstart your health regimen? Then you need Pursoma’s Wellness Immunity Kit. This eco-friendly kit has everything necessary for a calming, immunity-boosting experience that you can do right at home. While we are all in quarantine, it’s the ideal time to restart your system. So put down the wine, pastries, or poison of choice, and get detoxing.

The mastermind behind this brilliant concept is founder Shannon Vaughn. The name Pursoma comes from the French word ‘pur’ (pure) and ‘soma,’ a Greek term meaning “of the body.” Vaughn has created a wellness brand which concentrates on helping you to purify your life by removing the harmful toxins from your body that we are exposed daily. Pursoma products have a myriad of benefits which include: resetting and rejuvenating your system, unclogging pores, treating dry skin, relieving stress, reducing congestion and colds, aiding in a more restful sleep, and lymphatic drainage.

What you will receive in Pursoma’s Wellness Immunity Kit is the Hot Tub Detox Bath Treatment, Just Breathe Daily Bath Ritual, Detox Beauty Body Brush, and Herbal Wellness Teas. Vaughn’s signature line of powerful bath soaks are made from pure, Eco-cert, organic ingredients that are hand-harvested or sustainably farmed in France. All Pursoma products are also non-GMO, SLS, Paraben and Dye-Free, Vegan and Cruelty-Free.

To get the most out of your Wellness Immunity Kit, it is recommended that you drink three liters of water a day, use Pursoma products weekly, and dry brush two times a day. I also was very impressed to learn that Vaughn hardly drinks any caffeine, and she doesn’t use her cell phone after 8pm. Every night she makes the time for a 23-minute soak with the Spotify app (Pursoma Mind playlist) then after that, she rests in a robe and applies her Pursoma body butter or butter oil. For those of you who have a routine of watching television right before you go to bed (me, too!) Vaughn does not, and has a very good reason why:

“I think the things you hear, see and read affect your sleep and carry over to the next day. Remember the saying “don’t go to bed angry?” It’s the same for TV. If you watch violence, crime and disturbing programs, it does not allow your mind to rest. The best place your mind can be is clear and calm at night. Doing a breathing exercise sitting up in bed for five minutes before bed and reading even one page of positive affirmations is a much better way to get to sleep. The mind is not something we can see so when we feed it, or rush it – we can’t be aware of that in the same way we are aware of the body…we can only feel it. So think about feeding it with positive food so it can function at a higher level. No junk food and definitely not before bed – junk content rots your mind the same way junk food rots your teeth.”

Hot Tub Detox Bath Treatment
If the winter season is starting to take a toll on your body, you need to jumpstart your immunity by taking a Hot Tub Detox Bath. This treatment assists to alleviate those seasonal symptoms like runny nose, chest congestion, body aches, fatigue, improve thermo-regulation and circulation. If you have aches or any pain, this bath is perfect to release that built up tension. The calming effect of these rejuvenating salts restores your body to a happy and tranquil piece of mind.

Just Breathe Daily Bath Ritual
Make the time to de-stress and clear your head, or in this case, Just Breathe. This therapeutic French Grey Sea Salt treatment is infused with refreshing natural essential oils that boost the immune system and open up your sinuses. Combined with Eucalyptus which is known for strengthening the immune system and unblocking the nasal passage, and Rosemary, Lavender, and Ginger Root to protect and soothe, Just Breathe does wonders. I didn’t want to get out of the tub I was so content enjoying this calming ritual. After my experience with Just Breathe my skin was super smooth and I was definitely much more relaxed.

Detox Beauty Body Brush
If you’re spending too much time sitting at your desk or computer, it’s time to revive your body; start with Pursoma’s Detox Beauty Body Brush. Dry brushing is an Ayurvedic practice that has been around for centuries. Known to stimulate the lymphatic system (the network of tissues and organs that is a vital part of the immune system and designed to eliminate waste), dry brushing promotes detoxification and rejuvenation, and provides a healthy glow with just five minutes of use per day. Other benefits of dry brushing that devotees swear by are improved digestion, cellulite reduction, exfoliation, and smaller pores. I must say, using this brush first thing in the morning really wakes up my body. It feels good to get the circulation moving and if you have dry skin like I do, it’s also great at removing dead skin and stimulating new cells. To really enhance the dry brushing benefits, use before any Pursoma bath treatment.

Pursoma recommends these five simple steps to achieve that healthy glow:
1. START with the feet and work in a circular upward brushing motion.
2. MOVE on to calves and thighs. Spend more time on the backs of upper thighs, applying slightly more pressure on this area and the buttocks.
3. PROCEED to arms, starting from the hands and working up to the shoulders.
4. CONTINUE to lower back (where you can reach), abdomen, chest and upper chest.
5. FOLLOW with a Pursoma Detox Beauty Bath

Herbal Wellness Teas
Prolong your soothing bath experience afterwards with a cup of tea. The 3-pack contains one of each flavor: Lavender Mint, Turmeric Ginger, and Banana Chamomile. All of the them are equally delicious and contain potent antioxidants.

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