Attention Lushies: The Scents Have Arrived

New Year’s is long gone but the resolutions aren’t. I’m sure you’re sticking to your goal of working out every other day and meditating before bed, right? Those are mine. And I must admit it was hard at the start but it’s gotten easier, especially after incorporating Lush into my routine. Their Magnesium Range is for when my muscles are achy and sore and can’t take no more. And their Valentine’s Day collection is for when a lil’ lovin’ is much needed. Best believe I’m smelling oh-so-good with these lines:

Magnesium Range

From the Magnesium Range, there are three massage bars, all containing magnesium (obvi) and blends of cocoa and shea butter along with beautiful oils. Massage Bar perks me up before workouts with scents of green, earthy, and fresh notes. Plus the caffeine tightens the skin. Post-workout, I take a moment to rub out the kinks with the After Massage Bar. The same lovely formula but with chilling mint and calming arnica. Delightful. Their third is the Deep Sleep Massage Bar. Think of an upscale spa at home when you rub this in, breathing it in again and again… Soft slow moments to savor every little knead of the body. If you’re looking for a good soak, try Epsom Salt Cubes in Salt Water Soother and Deep Sleep. Salt Water Soother is what I imagine Ariel’s sea world is like. Yellow and blue turn my water into a brilliant viridescent scented with peppermint. I was stuffed up and immediately cleared as I sat back and drifted away. For bedtime, Deep Sleep (like the massage bar) has that cozy lavender scent that perfumes my bathroom. I watch the purple and pink turn into a dreamy psychedelic pool that never seems to end. Oh, how I wish I could nap in my tub forever.

February is coming for our hearts and Lush has the remedies with their Valentine’s Day collection. It’s been my favorite holiday ever since I was a tot, and nothing makes me swoon more than all the pink, pink, pink and rosy, sweet smells. Gah, I love the love from Lush!

Valentine’s Day

For my showers in the Snow Moon month, I have a few choices of sweethearts. Love being the obvious choice, a toffee apple shower gel that hits the balance between fruity and floral. The ruby red color is to fall head over heels for, too! The soft-to-the-touch body wash bars are my newest amours, in Passionfruit Delight and Keep It Fluffy Delight. Delightful they are, with Passionfruit scented like the real thing and just as juicy-sweet and playful. Keep It Fluffy is the romantic one with vanilla and rose; you won’t even need a bouquet. Though if you want one, try Valentine Bombshell. Scented with Lush’s iconic (and my personal fav) Rose Jam, it will embed into your heart as the bath bomb dissolves, revealing a reservoir of rosebuds. You are your own Venusian goddess, I tell you. If you want to bump up the smell and add some oil to the mix, plop in Floating Love Island. Rose, vanilla, you know the vibes, with a cocoa butter base to keep you nourished. Once you step out of the bath, you want to keep up that softness. Bring in the massage bars in True Romance if you want more of a floral rose situation or Turmeric Latte for a vanillary fantasy.

Get it all while you can before Cupid flutters away with Lush in tow.