BASK LA’s Beauty Tech

Steam Pro

Who doesn’t love a gel manicure? Who doesn’t love a Gua Sha routine? Who doesn’t love tech beauty? I know I do, so I have to share BASK LA’s products. First: their revolutionary Steam Pro is a machine that removes hard gel, dipped powers, and generally any pain-in-the-butt and difficult to remove nail polish. Pour some acetone into the steamer, dip your fingers in for five minutes, and gone is the gel polish without destroying your nails. Goodbye nail salons – now I don’t have to spend money that could go towards Trader Joe’s!

LED Gua Sha

The LED Gua Sha steps up the regular stone. I opt for this LED Gua Sha that offers benefits of LED light therapy to smooth over any fine lines and tone the look of my skin. I spend about five minutes if I’m in a rush, and twenty if I’m feeling extra luxe. Just add a little serum and smooth away!


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