The Lo-Down on BIC’s New Razor Collab

Lo Bosworth and razorsFor fans of Laguna Beach and The Hills, the name Lo Bosworth will certainly ring a bell. Bosworth was the quick-witted friend of Lauren Conrad (or “LC” as those of us in the know would refer to her while eagerly unpacking each drama-filled episode). Though it might not feel like it, almost 20 years have passed since the high school seniors of Laguna first walked onto our screens and into our hearts.

Today Bosworth’s teen antics are just a fond memory marking a time when the country was still in the honeymoon phase of reality TV. Not one to let an opportunity go by the wayside, Bosworth has since created a women’s wellness brand, Love Wellness. More recently she has worked on a fun collaboration with a well-known razor brand. 

Soleil Escape 5 Senses Shave Kit

BIC has introduced the Soleil Escape 5 Senses Shave Kit, a collection of products inspired by the scents of the brand’s Soleil Escape razors. The kit includes a mix of products fit for creating a spa day at home including mocktails, a Bluetooth speaker, a pumice stone, and a sprig of eucalyptus. Purchasers will find one bottle of Good to Glow supplements from the Bosworth-founded Love Wellness in the kit and two packs of Soleil Escape razors. The razors can also be purchased separately.

A Handle on the Options

Disposable BIC Soleil Escape razors are available in configurations of three, four, or five blades. The five-blade razors have a large head with a water-activated moisture strip with almond oil. The moisture strip wraps around all four sides, creating an easy glide. The rubber grip and five blades make it simple to get a close shave, and the scented handles add a touch of whimsy to the overall experience. I found the razor smelled good, was easy to use, and added a pop of color to my shower shelf.

Razor packagesThere are three scent options available in corresponding colors. If you like to match the hue of your body wash to your disposable razor (Just me?), the options lend themselves to some pretty pairing possibilities. The Jasmine & Eucalyptus scented razors are a minty green color, the Vanilla & Berries option is a crimson pink shade, and the Rose & Magnolia variety is a lavender pink.

If you’re headed to Laguna Beach, or any beachy vacation destination, Soleil Escape razors make for light packing and can be purchased at major retailers including Walmart, Target, Amazon, and Walgreens starting at $5.47. 

Amy Hamblen

After spending over a decade in New York, Amy Hamblen is still impressively bad at giving directions around the city. Fortunately, not knowing one's exact whereabouts creates the opportunity to stumble into new places, so what she lacks in navigational skills, she makes up for with an abundance of solid happy hour recommendations. Amy is originally from Indiana, and whether or not her years spent covering the food and entertainment scene in NYC has earned her a seat at the table may be debatable, but it's of little consequence — she much prefers a stool at the bar.