Dare to Bare Your Skin this Summer with the Perfect Shave

Most of us are still doing the DIY thing at home and hair removal is always a challenge under normal circumstances. Recently, I found a way to get smooth skin with a shave that makes me want to show my skin. Tree Hut just launched the Dare to Bare line of products that really work to give you a close shave that lasts longer than most I have had.

If you want to feel like you just had a laser treatment without the price tag, just load up on the Dare to Bare collection and follow each step. The collection comes in Coconut Lime, Moroccan Rose, and Tahitian Vanilla Bean scents. The first product you use should be the Bare Shave Prep Scrub. It is an exfoliant that helps clear way any dry skin that prevents a close shave. At first, I was doubtful that this product would help that much so I tried shaving without it. I got a good shave, but once I prepped with it the shave was infinitely smoother. Sold.

The shaving step should begin with either the Bare Moisturizing Shave Oil or the Shave Butter. I happen to prefer the Shave Oil because it is clearer, and I can see my skin while shaving. It also gives an amazing shave that leaves my skin glowing.

I love that when you step out of the shower you are not done with your shave routine. It is like a mini-spa treatment every time I shave. Spray on the Bare Post Shave Soothing Mist designed to help prevent ingrown hairs and soothe your skin. This mist does double duty as a fragrance as well. My favorite scent is the Coconut Lime.

Finally, rub on the Bare Hair Minimizing Butter, which is so thick you only need a little. I love how it seals in the moisture and leaves you with a fantastic layered scent on top. All this and it helps to reduce hair growth when used regularly. I have never used a hair reduction product that smelled this good.
Voila! You are ready to face the day with with ultra-smooth skin, and you smell great too.
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