De-Stress Your Days & Nights

Despite the perception of go-go-go culture, and me participating, I need to find the moments of peace, whether writing in a journal for five minutes or talking a quick walk before a meeting. I carve out the little moments that then add up to overall ease.

Here are a few items that help me do that, thanks to woman-owned Prismatic Plants!

The Mini Set

The Mini Set is a taste of their Good Day & Good Night tinctures. I apply Good Day under my tongue first thing in the morning. Ten minutes later, everything just feels better. It contains a blend of hemp (per 1ml serving 10mg CBD, 3mg CBDa), rosemary, holy basil leaf, lemon, and ginseng root. Very herbal, and I adore it. My mind is cleared and I’m able to focus a little easier while doing yoga and cooking breakfast. I want to keep doing more as my energy levels are stable. The effects last for about five hours, and I only needed a few drops!

After my day I prepare to wind down with the Good Night tincture. Just like with Good Day, it eases my mind to unwind and find inner bliss. Flavors of valerian and lavender offer a floral taste as I place it under my tongue.

Melt Tension Serum

As the Good Night goes to work, I work out the kinks in my legs with Melt Tension Serum. Its herbal and floral scent comes from white sage, lavender, wild play, and hinoki wood. 500 mg of Hemp aid in soothing under the muscles post-gym – plus it aids in relaxing my body and encourages me to get sleepy. I’m looking forward to seeing what Prismatic Plants comes out with in the future to help put my mind and body at ease.