Did You Forget About Your Hands? Show Them Some Love.

Does the skin on your hands look older than the skin on your face? UV radiation from gel manicure lamps and sun exposure, chemicals, daily hand washing, and harsh weather exposure causes roughness, wrinkles, dark spots, and discoloration. Transform neglected hands into heavenly hands with the help of these pampering hand-care products.

For gel manicure lamp and sun protection: Are you protecting your hands from exposure to aging and potentially cancer-causing UV radiation during nail salon visits, while driving, or during intense exposure to sunlight? Slipping on a pair of protective ManiGlovz manicure gloves is a better solution than sunscreen because sunscreen washes and wears off during the day.

I keep a pair of these gloves in my car’s dashboard storage compartment because I never want to be caught without them. The featherweight gloves are easy to slip on and off and are available in a range of fun, funky, and fashionable styles.

For fading age spots: After using yFOY All Day Glow Vitamin C+ on your face to nourish your skin and achieve a radiant glow, dab this serum on your hands to fade dark spots. In addition to Vitamin C, this serum is rich in fruit oil, tea tree essential oil and moisturizing aloe to keep your hands looking smoother and younger.

For treating neglected hands and rough cuticles: I never enjoyed using cuticle oil because it is often messy and hard to control. Thanks to Naturally London’s Hydrating Cuticle Oil, which deservedly received Allure’s Best of Beauty award, I am addicted to applying this hydrating cuticle oil. The creamy formula is never thin or runny and the ingenious applicator ensures an effortless mess-free application. If your hands require triage, this kit contains everything you need to exfoliate dry skin and rejuvenate neglected hands and cuticles.

For nourishing, brightening, and hydrating dry skin: Rich and luxurious Avya’s Nourishing Hand Treatment with Citrus Stem Cell Technology will have your hands looking posh and pampered in no time at all. This plumping formula smooths and hydrates the skin and fades dark spots with consistent use.


Rachelle Nones

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