DIY Ultrasound Dentistry

Fortunately, we live in an era where you can clean and whiten teeth as never before, and the Mira-Teeth Whitening Kit underscores just how lucky we are. Free of harsh chemicals that damage enamel and render gums sore, the kit includes whitening gel, a soft tray to protect teeth, and an Ultrasound Toothbrush. The Mira-Teeth Ultrasound Toothbrush delivers deep cleaning and operates without rotating or swiveling. Simply place it on a tooth for 3 seconds, and voila!, the tooth is whiter and the ultrasound has battled bacteria and cleaned far more comprehensively than traditional brushing and flossing. The combination of the brush’s ultrasound technology and its toothpaste gel produces billions of nano-bubbles per second to disintegrate chains of bacteria in gum pockets and other hard-to-reach places, which results in healthier gums.

You can fully clean your mouth in less than two minutes with this system. Ultrasound increases blood flow in the gums, which in turn provides more oxygen and a stronger defense against inflammation. The result is not only whiter teeth, but the necessary healthier gums to support them. Find the kit, additional toothpaste gels, and the device at Your dentist will thank you the next time you visit.