Easter Bunny Bath Time!

‘Tis the season for Easter baskets filled with chocolate eggs and Peeps, but for some of us who gravitate towards more soapy fun, Lush has got you covered with their Easter collection.


Chicks or bunnies? Why not both with Henny Penny, a hen-shaped bubble bar that turns the water a vibrant sunset orange with a fruity aroma. Pair it with Ostara, a massive rabbit-shaped bath bomb that smells of sweet citrusy-violets and bright pink waters. Plus, it has a little surprise inside! An egg!

Speaking of eggs, Golden Egg has been my favorite scent of the whole collection. A warm honey-toffee can be found in the Golden Egg bath bomb melt, which moisturizes and softens skin while you hang out in the tub eating jelly beans. Or if showers are your vibe, Golden Egg shower gel is a perfect fit. With shimmery golden glitter and tons of fluffy suds, this shower gel gets me going in the morning. A sparkly day ahead!

Or if I have some extra time, I scrub my body down with Celebrate scrub, a foaming scrub that smells of orange and lime.Who needs OJ, anyway? Celebrate has been going fast in my household, housemates have been stealing scoops (and how could I blame them?!) What they can’t use though is Gummy Bear, a shower jelly that looks like its namesake. With scents of mango and coconut, my senses are transported to a tropical paradise where I’m sipping on a drink with a little umbrella. That is the Gummy Bear shower jelly experience, and I want to both cherish it and eat it.

Lastly, to embrace my inner child I reach for Hey there be dragons FUN. FUN is a clay-like soap that can be squished, molded, and overall used for bathtub fun. This FUN is scented like lemons and jasmine, making pretty star-and-flower shapes that clean me right up!


Once I’ve had my FUN, I dry off and use All Body Butter from Fur. Thick, creamy, and ultra moisturizing, this body butter has 60% less water than other body butters. I focus around my elbows and heels to give some TLC to my body. Kokum, Mango, and Shea Butter are the stars of this show, and my skin adores their effects. This butter is perfect for any Easter basket this spring.

The final step in my bath time routine (and lovely addition to any basket) is the Fur Candle. This candle smells of the iconic Fur oil and screams springtime with top notes of beautiful bergamot, lime, wild mint, peppermint, eucalyptus and tea tree oil. Think of a garden with little bunnies hopping about… The heart notes of lily of the valley, petitgrain, rose, and geranium leaf are ideal for spring babies obsessed with flowers (aka me). Lastly, the base notes: lavender and pine, which take me back to hiking in the forest with friends while spraying lavender oil on ourselves (a bug repellent!). Fur Candle keeps spring alive with this breathtaking candle.