Explore the Montauk Salt Cave in the East Village

Whether you seek to relax in fresh air, have novel experience, or boost your respiratory wellness, the Montauk Salt Cave should be your destination.

Here’s what the experience is like:
You’ll remove your shoes before entering the dark salt cave, and will walk on salt that feels like sand underfoot to a comfy lounge chair that folds back for napping. Since it’s a little cooler in the cave, you’ll be given a cozy blanket. The ceiling is adorned with a splash of lit stars, and a large salt lamp simulates the roaring fire of a campsite in the middle of the room. The chairs are loosely spread in a semi-circle around this salt campfire, and it will be dark and cool enough for you to drift off into a meditative state as you inhale the beneficial salt and all of its minerals. Sessions last for 45 minutes each, which does feel sufficient.

Salt Therapy or Halotherapy is an alternative treatment for various ailments, including asthma, allergies, anxiety, inflammation, skin issues, and congestion from a cold. The salt is naturally anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, and antimicrobial. The salt air is made up of negatively-charged ionized salt particles, 84 trace elements and minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, iodine, bromine, copper, selenium, and iron,which assist in clearing pollens, viruses, pollutants and toxins of the lungs and nasal passageways. The salt also helps heal the body as its negative ions enter the nasal passageway, which then travel through the respiratory tract and into the bloodstream.

There are two salt caves in this spa, one is public and the other is private. On Wednesdays, you can enjoy the private room with friends for only $20 per person, and enjoy being able to talk to each other — which you can’t do in the public room, since people are napping or meditating. I definitely recommend this deal, especially for unique party ideas or pre-party meetings, or birthday indulgences.
I left the salt cave feeling relaxed and refreshed — and definitely breathed easier. This is well worth your time, so invest in some healthy spelunking.

First Session Special: $25
Single Session: $40
3 Pack: $105 ($35/session)
5 Pack: $150 ($30/session)
10 Pack: $250 ($25/session)
Private Cave: $50 per person / $20 on Wednesdays

The Montauk Cave
Hours: 10am – 8pm every day of the week.
Location: 90 E 10th Street (between Third and Fourth Avenues)
Phone: (212) 677-7258