Feeling the Heat? Freeze Your Assets with Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is good for you any time of the year because is assists your body in post-exercise recovery, anti-aging, pain management, injury treatment, performance enhancement, skin rejuvenation, achieving anti-inflammatory results, metabolism and immunity boosting, and improving blood flow – and when it’s 93 degrees out, well… what could feel better than immersing your entire body into a freezing cold cryotherapy tank? Heaven! We heartily recommend the InVita Cryo Clinic in Soho, where you’ll also find other treatments, such as NAD IV therapy, and IV Vitamin therapy. You can thoroughly re-hydrate here through their IV Vitamin Drip treatments to replenish yourself during the dog days of summer. This super-efficient, well-located salon for both immersive and spot-cryotherapy treatments is definitely our go-to favorite in NYC because of their reasonable prices, flexibility, friendly experts, and convenient location.

Chill out at InVito Cryo NYCand visit HERE for more info about cryotherapy and other health & wellness treatments.
Call: + 1 (877) 3810049
Address: 456 Broadway, Floor #2, New York, NY 10013
Located near Grand Street in Soho, just 2 blocks from the Canal Street subway stop, and near the Spring Street stop and Franklin Street stop as well.