Femme Gemz: Teeth Whitening + Forever Jewelry

There’s nothing like a set of pearly whites and being blinged out to put a girl into a fabulous mood. And Rachel, owner and founder of Femme Gemz, she understands the power of beautifying so well, she created a business to help all folks feel incredible in the skin they’re in.

I traveled to her female-owned studio in Warrington, Pennsylvania to embark on my teeth whitening journey and be bejeweled with forever jewelry. A woman with cowgirl boots and streaks of indigo-blue greeted me at the door, leading me into her pretty-pink paradise that feels like a marriage between Hot Topic and Libby Lu (in the best way). This is Rachel and Femme Gemz is her child (though she is a mom to adorable kiddos), and I was being swept into her wonderland of glitter, glam, and gold.

Femme Gemz is a small business focused on convenience, affordability and effectiveness. Rachel started this business after being a registered Dental Hygienist to make dental accessories and whitening available to as many folks as possible. She knows first-hand the difficulty and injustices people face in taking care of their teeth.

“When I was younger I questioned why I didn’t have braces, and it was because my family couldn’t afford it, so I made it my mission to learn and help others out to make them feel beautiful through their smiles.”

A tooth tattoo decorates her arm and reads “sweet tooth,” proving that she takes teeth seriously. She took a look at my smile. “You have beautiful teeth,” she remarked. I blushed while she explained, step-by-step, what would happen during the whitening process.

As she was setting up I took a peak at the tooth gems she offers. I (will admit) I’m a bit of a conservative when it comes to tooth gems. I always had a struggle with having braces and something in my mouth at all times. As I took a look around at what gems Rachel offered. There was a style for every taste. I could get a dragonfly, evil eye, or an opal mushroom (!?) So many cute options that caught my eyes, I mean: I could reconsider, right? Maybe next time you’ll be reading my review of getting tooth gems, dear readers.

To keep my lips from going dry during the whitening process, she applies some lip balm before inserting a bubblegum pink mouthguard. “To keep your teeth spread and wide while I apply the treatment,” she explains. Afterwards she applies some Vitamin E oil to my gums (“to keep them protected just in case the whitener travels upwards”) and lastly paints on the whitening gel. I know by this point I look absolutely absurd, but Rachel reassured me by placing a pair of red glasses on me to protect my eyes (and ego).

I did two sessions of fifteen minutes, which was a lighter treatment compared to the usual 60 minutes Rachel offers (or longer for those who love coffee, tea, wine, or blunts a wee too much). I fell asleep during the second session. I was that relaxed by Rachel’s presence and comfy reclining chair. I rinsed after each session and reapplied lip balm. After the last one I got to see how my teeth developed. I was honestly surprised by how much was done in 30 minutes and couldn’t stop staring at how good my teeth looked!

Onto some gemz… forever jewelry! From necklaces to anklets and rings, Rachel does it all. I chose a bracelet for this session.

Rachel pulled out a case of silver, gold, and rose gold chains. Thick, thin, stars, hearts, evil eyes… my wrist was my oyster! Rachel encouraged me to try on different styles to see what felt right. I liked the gold stars, and thin links, but the rose gold heart… captured my heart completely. She cut a thread of the chain for my bracelet and patiently helped me decide on a fit. At first it was too tight, I wanted to have some give without it falling down to my elbow. She adjusted and just like that, I found my goldilocks fit. It was time for the forever!

She grabbed a pink pad (coffin-shaped) to protect my wrist, then started welding with a heated machine. Honestly I had no idea what it was/is but it did the job in less than 30 seconds. Afterwards my wrist was intact and my bracelet sparkled in the light. I decided on a dainty bejeweled butterfly as my charm. Rachel looped it into my rose gold hearts and I was finished!

Femme Gemz makes feeling pretty a priority in an age where life can feel anything but. Rachel walked me through this adventurous side of beauty (she’s an Aries who takes the risks) and brought me out feeling more confident and beautiful. Thank you to Femme Gemz – and book your appointment to discover your shiny side.