Get Quenched at the Manhattan Laser Spa

Does an IV drip of ultra-hydrating vitamins and minerals delivered straight into your bloodstream by IV sound like just the thing you need for more energy right now? That’s what I thought too… so I put it to the test at The Manhattan Laser Spa with their Quench IV Therapy treatment.

The Manhattan Laser Spa is conveniently located just off Fifth Avenue on 34th Street in Midtown, where it has been thriving for the last 20 years as the city’s premier laser salon (they have an upper east side location at Lexington and 63rd Street, and a Bay Ridge, Brooklyn location too). This spa provides the most advanced, minimally-invasive and results-oriented beauty treatments possible in a professional, safe environment and offers fillers, various types of facials, massage, acne treatment, body sculpting, Botox, micro-needling, skin tightening, butt lifts, and other cosmetic/aesthetic treatments as well as laser hair-removal for all skin types and tattoo-removal.

But back to the amazing Quench IV Therapy experience: upon entry, the front desk staff is super friendly and charming. You’ll be led to a pleasant treatment room and comfy adjustable chair similar to a dentist’s chair, where a Spotify playlist can soothe or sway you as you receive your treatment. I’m squeamish about needles but didn’t really need to be, because the spa’s nurse knows exactly what she is doing and nothing is painful. You will be hooked up to the IV drip of vitamins and minerals for 30 to 45 minutes with one arm remaining still, so bring a book, or wrangle your phone with just one arm, or take a cat nap or, like Einstein, simply sit and ponder the multiverse. The first sensation you feel is the slight taste of vitamins, which passes after a few minutes.

You’ll leave the spa fully hydrated and full of energy, similar to the feeling you have after taking an Emergen-C packet, but longer-lasting. I walked home afterwards and practically ran the 25 blocks. Be sure to leave a tip! The Quench IV Therapy results last for the remainder of the day, and carries on to a lesser degree with each subsequent day.

You can purchase a monthly package of treatments so as to enjoy a monthly Quench IV drip at a reduced rate (and more), and to ensure that your body is receiving all of the nutrients it needs for optimal health.

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Manhattan Laser Spa
56 E 34th Street
New York, NY 10001
Hours: 10am – 8pm