Get Rid of Hair Permanently with Smoothskin Bare +

One of the most frustrating things about body hair is how fast it regrows once you have eliminated it on your legs, bikini lines, face, or tummy. This problem can be eliminated thanks to the amazing new Smoothskin Bare +, an ultrafast IPL hair removal that removes unwanted hair on the body and face in 10 minutes. Normally this kind of device could only be found in a professional facility, but you can do it all at home now. It makes a fantastic gift for anyone who struggles with unwanted hair and who doesn’t have the time or money to visit a spa every week.

After shaving, set the Smoothskin Bare + on and simply flash it all over your body. The IPL uses pulses of light that breaks the hair cycle, which stops the hair from growing back. The removal of hair is gradual and depends on the amount of hair you have. You will experience first a slowing down of the regrowth of hair and over time, a real slump that could be permanent – or at least extremely slow to regrow. After I eliminated all of the hair on my legs, I used SmoothSkin Bare + and was happy to notice that two weeks later there was still no regrowth. However, results may vary according to the amount of hair on your body. If your legs are very hairy, it may take longer to eliminate the fuzz.

The Smoothskin Bare + is easy to use, since it takes little time to set it up. Though it is suitable to use on the face, it is not recommended for a very dark skin tone or for very light hair, either. It is totally safe for your skin because the flash won’t activate if it senses that it is not safe. Save on expensive salon visits and remove hair permanently with regular use. A great gift!


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