Get That Sun-Kissed Glow with Rich Tanning Mousse

It’s that time of year. We are past the holidays and we’re wondering when we’ll see the sun again. As much as we all wish we could hop on a plane for a quick island getaway, we’ve found a fast and easy way to get your glow on. Rich Tanning Mousse offers a quick-drying, streak-free, and odorless tanning mousse that’s easy to apply at home.

Founder Giovanna Alexsandra has been in the spray tan business for over ten years and has some high-profile clients who are committed to caring for their skin. “Over the last few years, I began thinking more about offering my own product that was safe for the skin without using any harmful chemicals, and would be easy enough that they could top up their spray tans on their own.” In 2021 Rich Tanning Mousse was launched to do just that. The mousse is vegan friendly and paraben-free. It comes with an exfoliating mitt to ensure even application and clean hands!

Alexsandra is invested in skin protection from the sun and is vocal in the dangers of suntanning. She says there are many products on the market that contain harmful chemicals; something that sets Rich Tanning Mousse apart from other products. For Alexsandra, sunless tanning is something personal to her. “I grew up with a Latin mother who could not tan at all in the sun because of her pigment and fair complexion. I remember at times seeing her with sunburn that really motivated me to study and learn about the importance of making sure we are protecting our skin from high UV rays. This lightweight mousse formula is easy to apply and fast drying, steak free. It is suitable for the face and body.”

Rich Tan Mousse has plenty of happy customers. They love that it’s fast drying, evens out skin tone and is free of the odor that unfortunately comes along with many other spray tanning products on the market. It dries evenly and doesn’t fade away after just a few washes. Rich Tanning Mousse is the perfect answer for achieving that great, all-over vacation glow from the comfort of home.