Get Your Six Pack On With EmSculpt at Inside Beauty

At the recent launch event for Inside Beauty, a medical aesthetic spa, founded by cosmetic and plastic surgeons, Drs. Ramtin and Sheila Malek Kassir, I tried a revolutionary new non-invasive procedure to tighten my abs. I work out, and do core exercises, but still feel that my abs could be tighter. O.K. Who doesn’t? I was truly amazed that EmSculpt could actually show results after just one session.

Inside Beauty, located on Park Avenue, is a modern, innovative medical spa that offers an array of unique treatments,including, lasers and energy devices designed to produce results from head to toe. The EmSculpt procedure is nothing short of miraculous. It can also be used on the behind, hips and thigh areas. For the abdominals, all you do is lie down with an elastic strap around your abdominal area to keep the flat, vibrating machine in place as it goes to work strengthening and toning your muscles. There is no heat or cold, no pinching or any kind of pain or discomfort. As the machine gradually builds in intensity, you feel your muscles contracting, and tightening, throughout the abdominal area. The treatment lasts for 30 minutes, and there is no downtime or preparation needed. Although, I would recommend not eating a big meal before hand because there is quite a shake up of the abdominal area.

When I stood up, I felt my abs, and they were definitely firmer than when I began. At home, I examined my stomach in the mirror, fully expecting to see little or no change, but I was surprised to see more muscle definition. Also, my stomach was flatter when I looked at it from the side. Even my waist area was tighter, because the machine also works the oblique area. Finally, I did not feel sore the way I would as if I had actually worked out. Wow!

I highly recommend EmSculpt to anyone who wants to tighten his or her core. It should still be used in conjunction with an exercise program, but let’s face it, we all need help toning muscles, and a quick fix now and then is encouraging. The usual course of treatment is four sessions, which can not be sooner than two or three days apart.

I am ready to try the next three, and prepare to wear a bikini on a mid-winter trip to a tropical island.

Inside Beauty
799 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10021

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