TLC For Feet With Earth Therapeutics (Spa at Home)

If you have dry, cracked, coarse, or flaky feet, then you know how hard it can be to find a product that really works to take care of these issues. Unless you have a pedicure every day, you need to take control of the situation yourself. Earth Therapeutics has all of the products needed for you to revive your winter feet and render them sandal-ready.

Tea Tree Foot Peeling Spray
With a couple of sprays, this exceptional product works immediately. I must say, I was quite dubious about a couple of sprays exfoliating and removing dead skin right away, but it really does! My feet are particularly dry, and after just three sprays their rough skin was already coming off. I was so excited to see instant results and smooth and soft feet. Normally this takes a great amount of effort to take off this much unwanted skin. To get the maximum benefits out of the Tea Tree Foot Peeling Spray, I would also recommend using a foot file after application. Remember to shake the spray before each use and then spray over bare feet and massage into the skin. Repeat as you please. Also note: this product works great on other dry skin areas, such as elbows or knees, too.

Moisturizing Foot Mask with Hemp Seed Oil
Infused with a therapeutic combination of calming, nutrient-rich 100% Pure Hemp Seed Oil, emollient Shea Butter, and natural botanicals, this foot mask is pure bliss to your feet. As soon as you put it on, you can feel a cooling tingling sensation so you know that it is working. And it feels really good — just like going to the spa, but in the comfort of your home and without the hefty price tag. The specially designed sock successfully delivers nourishing and deep hydration to moisturize and soften hard skin and calluses. The Hemp Seed Oil aids to relieve, replenish, and rejuvenate dry, damaged feet — while the shea butter softens and soothes hard skin. Together they make a perfect blend. Make sure to wash and dry your feet before you put on the mask and then leave it on for 15–20 minutes. I found it easier to put my own socks over the Earth Therapeutics sock to hold everything in place, and in case I needed to get up for something. But it’s best if you can just stay put for the time that is recommended. When you take the mask off, be sure to massage the remaining serum into your feet. Earth Therapeutics is very generous with the amount of serum that is in the sock, so I even put some of the product on my leg to spread the love. My hands were also super-smooth from working with the serum. The Moisturizing Foot Mask with Hemp Seed Oil is a winner when it comes to foot masks and you can see the results last.

Gentle Peeling Foot Mask with Hemp Seed Oil
This is the perfect mask when you really need to take care of calluses and rough outer skin. The Gentle Peeling Foot Mask with Hemp Seed Oil is produced with 100% pure natural Hemp Seed Oil to soothe and comfort, while a safe, effective blend of alpha hydroxy acids gently exfoliates away the hard calluses and uneven, dry skin. Infused with natural Tea Tree Oil and other beneficial botanicals to condition and protect, this treatment will lead to noticeable results within two weeks. After a few days the tough outer layers of skin will start to peel. You do need to have a little patience with this product. This is not one of those fast foot masks that you put on for a short time, either. To really achieve results, you need to leave the mask on for at least 60-90 minutes. So plan accordingly. Due to variations in skin sensitivity, you should first apply the treatment to a small patch of skin to test for allergic reactions.

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