Glowbar Comes to Hoboken

The idea of getting a facial feels daunting to some–it might feel inaccessible, extravagant, or even mysterious (what happens during a facial, anyway?). For me, facials have always seemed lavish and exciting; I coveted the gorgeous glow I’d heard of that comes as a result of whatever treatments happen behind spa doors. They seemed out of reach, though, due to my ultra-sensitive skin and the climbing prices of such beauty treatments. 

I recently had the chance to visit Glowbar’s new location in Hoboken, located on Washington Street. I had never had a facial before and was excited to find out for myself what they’re really like–but nervous, too. Visions of red, inflamed, splotchy skin flitted through my mind’s eye as I wondered how my skin would react. Spoiler alert–no such thing happened. Here’s how it went.

I checked into my appointment about 10 minutes before my scheduled time. The space felt clean and open, and I was directed to a long sink, where I washed and dried my face, then sat and waited for my esthetician. Jada appeared moments later, and we went into a treatment room.

Jada asked about my skin before we got started and listened carefully to my concerns. Glowbar facials are custom-designed for each client–they’re targeted treatments performed by licensed professionals. The experience is relaxing, of course, but it’s more than a day at the spa.

Throughout the treatment, I received a lactic acid peel; multiple warm towels and facial massages; toner; a skin-scrubbing treatment; a high-frequency zapping treatment to kill bacteria; blue and red light therapy; a moisturizing mask; and, finally, moisturizer and lip balm to finish. Jada kept me informed the whole time and explained how each treatment would benefit my specific skin type. By the end of the session, she had even given me two recommendations based on her experience with my skin (the Tower 28 SOS skincare line and the Naturium KP body scrub, both of which I plan to try). 

My facial at Glowbar was such a treat. I loved how easy it was to book an appointment, how seamless the check-in was, and how non-intimidating the process was. While it didn’t feel rushed, it also wasn’t a treatment that took hours; it felt like something I could easily fit into my schedule. The pricing is also competitive–one treatment is $75, but members pay only $60. If you’ve never had a facial treatment before or never even considered one before today, I highly recommend trying Glowbar. I am already looking forward to returning.

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