Got 20 Minutes? Enjoy a Lifetime of Relaxation

Between connecting flights and tight seats, I know I’ll be stressed during a flight when traveling. To find a moment of peace and tranquility, I’ll be breaking out my TAO-Mat® Small 1818 Soft InfraMat Pro® from Healthy Line. This mini mat is made from 21 layers of crushed organic gemstones and super soft fabric casing. The layers heat up and the gemstones give off far infrared rays and negative ions that go deep to calm the body. I’ve been using this to help with my back pain and tight leg muscles post-work outs, or when I’ve been sitting down too long. It relaxes my body, which keeps my mind at bay and super chill. On colder nights I’ve been sleeping with it on the lowest setting, so it’s like laying within a warm hug. I’m excited to use it to balance my energy levels, especially after overnight jet lag. With Tao-Mat, I’m able to create some me-time even in the busiest of moments. Use code BeautyNewsNYC10 for 10% off and free shipping. Get to relaxing, baby!